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july13 BB19 Voodoo
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Written by Al Mellis

Is Big Brother 19 doomed or hexed?

I think is because of all the messing with fate Big Brother 19 has done.

Let's look at the evidence:

Megan Lowder has an emotional breakdown and had to leave the game.

Christmas Abbott is horsing around with Jason, there is a fall and Christmas fractures her ankle requiring pins to be inserted.

Finally we have Raven Walton, Raven was coming down the spral stair case when she unexpected trips and bangs her head as well as splitting her toe opning causing blood to flow all over the place.

Big Brother has been tempting the fates and have obviously crossed the line with thier "Den of Temtation".  The Voodoo dolls and Hexes have brought down the dark underworld on their house guests and probably on themselves.  Raven Walton definitely has a claim against BIg Brother 19 for the unsafe spiral stair case.

So continue watching bb19 at your own parell, there is defintely something working on BB19, let's just hope no one gets seriously injured or worse. :)


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  • Doing some catching up! There is something going on with all these injuries. I've never liked a spiral staircase .

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