Wednesday March 29, 2017

Big Brother 15: Grodner and Kass Should Be Fired.Big Brother 15

Grodner and Kass Should Be Fired.

Producer Alison Grodner and Casting Director Robyn Kass should be fired for allowing  racially and sexually bigoted people into the Big Brother 15 house.

Paula Dean said the N word 30 years ago and she gets tarred and feathered. Sure, these bigots in the BB House should be dealt with, but the bigger crime hangs with Alison Grodner and her take no responsibility apology.  

It is Alison Grodner and the casting director Robyn Kass that put these people in the house.  The whole point of casting is selection. These house guests had to attend an entired casting process plus a multi-day "Summer Camp" to get into the Big Brother 15 house.  Ask yourself, how did these bigoted people make it through the entire casting process without being discovered? Was it though incompetence in selection and casting, or was it premeditated because they were trying to up the ante on controversy?

{sidebar id=8}The day CBS moved the "Big Brother Live Feeds" away from arm's length at SuperPass and onto the CBS Big Brother web site, they made the happenings on the live feeds part of of the BB15 web site, and consequently part of the Big Brother show.

We beleive that Alsion Grodner and Robyn Kass deserved to be immediately dismissed as a sign of good faith by CBS. It is our opinion that advertisers should withdrawl from sponsoring Big Brother just as they have from sponsoring Paula Dean.

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