Big Brother 15: Recap For September 4, 2013

Big Brother 15: Recap For September 4, 2013Big Brother 15

Recap For September 4, 2013

By honeySC

Tonight on Big Brother 15, McCranda is blindsided by their nominations and Amanda melts down.  Who will win the Power of Veto and will it be used on Amanda or McCrae?

It's day 71 and GinaMarie says that the power duo is about to be destroyed.  Amanda says that she was completely blindsided by this and she wanted to be the first showmance to make it to the end.  McCrae is in tears and says that they were doing so well and they just got to be too big of a target.  Elissa is excited and super impressed that GinaMarie put them on the block.  

Amanda thinks that it was not just Judd and Elissa, but Spencer, too, who was behind this deal.  Amanda does not understand why she did not nominate Elissa.  She says, Judd, Elissa, Spencer, GM.  Amanda heads to the lounge and says that the only way this makes sense is if you are in on it.  Spencer asks her if she did not see his shocked face?

Andy says that it is crucial that Amanda and McCrae think that he had no part of this decision.  Spencer feels that it is finally happening.  Amanda heads up to speak to GinaMarie.

Big Brother 15: Recap For September 4, 2013Amanda says that she wants to call GM out on her BS.  She tells GM that they were never coming after her.  She says that Elissa was behind Nick and Aaryn's departure.  GinaMarie tells her that Elissa wanted her up.  When Amanda tells her that she cannot believe that she would listen to Elissa, GinaMarie says that Elissa did not have a hand in it and it was her own move.  She tells her that everyone in the house, Andy, Spencer, Judd, will save them and they will be coming after her. She is yelling and is very angry with GinaMarie.  Judd and Andy have come up for support and Judd interjects, "So do we just pack our bags and head home?"  Amanda says that she sees what is going on now.  Judd says you were just saying he should go up. She denies it and says that there are other people in the house.   Amanda says she just wants to go home and is crying as she leaves the HOH.  When she is gone, GinaMarie says, "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen."

Amanda heads to the Have Not room and tells McCrae that Spencer is a part of this so don't trust him.  McCrae says that it would be cool to make it to the end with Amanda but.  He is in the diary room with his head in his hands.  Amanda says that they have to just love each other until she goes.  She tells the diary room that she loves his twenty-four year old pizza boy.  McCrae in the diary room says that it is tough.  He looks very defeated. But you can't control everything.

Amanda joins Andy in the storage room and tells him that she wants to go.  Andy gives her a stern word to stay calm and fight for the veto.  He says that she is going to feed into Elissa's emotions.  Andy tells the diary room that it is hard to walk the line between the Exterminators and McCranda.

Elissa is listening at the door because she is trying to discover Andy's true loyalties.  Spencer sees her and lets Andy and Amanda know that she is there because he does not want his part to get out there.  Elissa  thinks that Andy is more loyal to Amanda than to her.

GinaMarie calls for the Veto pick for players.
GinaMarie picks Elissa.
Amanda picks Spencer with houseguest choice.
McCrae picks Andy.
Judd will host.

Andy thinks that he has dodged a bullet, but he is selected to play for McCrae.  Elissa wonders when Amanda is happy to see Andy selected and thinks that Andy is more loyal to Amanda than to her.  Amanda tells Andy that she did not select him because she didn't want him to be in the position of having to choose who to take off.  Spencer says that he will play hard.  In reality, Spencer says that he will not use it.

Elissa really believes that Andy is working both sides of the house and Judd confirms it.  Andy says that it is crucial that Elissa is not suspicious of him because he does not want her to see him as a target.  Andy asks GM about Elissa and her suspicions, and GM says that it was the way Amanda looked when you were chosen.

Judd comes up and they joke with Judd about needing a minute.  Spencer says that they are spraying for bugs.  The group laugh as they mime exterminating the bugs from the house. Spencer says that it starts with Amanda and McCrae and then goes to four after that.  
bb15 sept4 veto competition
Judd hosts the Big Brother 15 Power of Veto challenge.  It is called Bowllerinas. Wearing tutu's, the houseguests must twirl like a ballerina and then bowl to knock down pins. The game is a twist on bowling.  The players must spin on a hook for fifty turns which will open a gate revealing pins that they have to aim for with a bowling ball, rolling it up an alley.  After fifteen seconds the gate goes back up and the only way to open it again is to spin again. The first to get down four pins advances to the next round.  The houseguests positions were random draw and each houseguest may choose one other houseguest to challenge.  The winner advance to the next round.

Amanda chooses Elissa for the first bowling challenge.  Amanda wins the round.  In the next round Andy goes and he challenges Amanda.  Amanda wins again.  GinaMarie is up next and she goes against Amanda.  McCrae says that it is cruel for her to have to go so often.  Amanda wins against GinaMarie.  McCrae goes against Spencer.  Everyone laughs at Spencer in a tutu.  McCrae is hilarious as well.  McCrae beats Spencer.  GinaMarie says it was like a lumberjack in a tutu.  McCrae goes against Amanda.  

Amanda says that at this moment she is McCrae's worst enemy and he is hers.  McCrae says that going against each other in this final round is heartbreaking and he wouldn't wish it on his worst enemy. Andy says that it is tough having to watch them battle each other for their lives in this game.  They go down to one remaining pin each and spin again.  Spencer says that it was a nail biter and he was holding onto GM's hand.  McCrae nails the last pin and wins POV.  McCrae tosses his cookies.  Amanda heads to the wall to lay down, and is given a bag of ice for her head.  McCrae has won the Power of Veto.  McCrae says that he won't have his greatest ally and lover in the house anymore and it sucks. Amanda says that being here is being in summer camp, not real world.  They have been with each other the entire time and they will never have this again.  Her game is over.  

Amanda says that her game is over.  McCrae commiserates with her.  Upstairs in the HOH, GinaMarie says that she is not going to put up Elissa because she owes her a solid, but they can rock, paper, scissors it.  Spencer says that it scares him to do this.  Andy doesn't want to.  She says that it is time for the boys to step up to the plate.

McCrae says that Amanda has not pressured him to use it on her. Amanda does not like going at the hands of GinaMarie who she says has a small brain and shouldn't even be here.  Judd is worried that he will go on the block and he's gone out before.

Amanda pleads to McCrae to use the veto on her in the Veto Ceremony.  She cries and says that she and McCrae both fought for this veto and she kicked everyone's a* who challenged her.  If she was to lose to one person, by one pin and one second, she would not ask, nor want him to use the veto on her. McCrae decides to use the veto on himself and he apologizes.  GinaMarie names Spencer to the block saying that he is one heck of a person and a great competitor and does one heck of a chicken dance.  She apologizes as she tells him to take a seat.

McCrae asys that he feels he let Amanda down by not using it on her.  He says that maybe he could have worked something out.  Amanda says that it sucks that she has some bimbo ruining her game.  Spencer says this was not his strategy coming in, but he is now the Big Brother record holder for number of times on the block in one season.  He thinks he has a good chance of staying in the house given who he is up against.

Join Big Brother 15 on Thursday at nine eastern on CBS for a special double eviction night.  A complete week of games will be played out in one night with a second houseguest leaving in the same hour.


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