Big Brother 15: The Real Big Brother Steps Down

Big Brother 15: The Real Big Brother Steps DownBig Brother 15

The Real Big Brother Steps Down

Pop the cork on the champagne or get ready to mourn the death of Big Brother.  Variety has posted that David Goldberg, the founder of Endemol’s North American TV operations, will step down as chairman-CEO in December.

"Goldberg was recruited by Endemol founder John De Mol to launch the Endemol North America arm of the European production powerhouse in 2000. Goldberg will continue to serve as a consultant to Endemol after he leaves his executive position. The company has not yet settled on the management changes that will follow Goldberg’s exit, which was instigated by the exec as the expiration of his most recent contract approaches.  Before joining Endemol, Goldberg spent 10 years at Warner Brothers."  As we all know from numerous posting throughout the internet, Warner has been having contract disputes with CBS affiliates and has blocked CBS's site to internet users, including the live feeds.

"According to Variety, David Goldberg was bouyed to success by its parent company's "Big Brother format.  Not only was he behind the Big Brother series, Emdemol USA laid claim to other lucrative series including “Fear Factor,” “Deal or No Deal,” “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and “Wipeout.” The company has tried in recent years to push into the scripted realm with mixed results; its active series include the AMC dramas “Hell on Wheels” and “Low Winter Sun.”

The key sentence, in my humble opinion is "has tried in recent years to push into the scripted realm".  Each passing year our beloved Big Brother has become more and more overtly scripted.  We watched with happy abandon and yet a sense of loss, as Big Brother Canada premiered for its first season this past winter.  Happy abandon because we got a whiff of what Big Brother used to be like here in the US.  However, the first few weeks of our Season 15 fueled a sense of loss as we were subjected to a constant onslaught of hate, bullying, racism, homophobic and misgynostic house guests.  Although we are offended by the hate-speak, we know that it is a part of what is happening in the U.S. today.  However, I think we are more offended by the Executive Producer and the production staff for not showing ALL house guests for who they really are.  To single out one or two for public humiliation, when there were so many more, is unfair to the fans and the house guests both guilty and not guilty of hate-filled speech.

We have heard that this would be Alison Grodner's last season.  Perhaps a change in the CEO and the Executive Producer will bring our favorite summer obsession full circle, and back to a show we love to watch.  We can only hope the rumors of Ms. Grodner's "moving on" are true.  Even the house guests have become more beligerent towards production, showing blatent disrespect with no punishment or penalty.   Hopefully, they will recruit a new CEO, Executive Producer and Casting Director that will pay attention to what the fans are wishing for, and not continue turning over rocks to find disgusting wanna-be's!

So, shall we take an optimistic attitude, lift our glasses of champagne in a toast to a brighter future for Big Brother!   Even when things look hopeless, hope springs eternal.

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