Big Brother 15: Racism rears its ugly head again!

BB15 aug28 RacismBig Brother 15

Racism rears its ugly head again!

By Unbelievable

Wouldn't you know it that on the anniversary of MLK Jr.'s "I have a Dream" speech, Amanda Zuckerman goes on Big Brother 15 After Dark, national TV and makes racist anti-Asian (anti-human?) jokes?

Can CBS really let this continue? This is a mockery of anything decent and noble that exists in the human race. Giving a continuing forum to Zuckerman and her band of toadies is worse than promoting school bullies or Facebook torture. Zuckerman should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

Tonight's Big Brother 15 After Dark in the last half hour turned so ugly that I had to pause and walk away from the TV. At first it only looked like Amanda was trying to humiliate Aaryn for her foolish racist talk in the first several weeks. Aaryn even seemed somewhat contrite for a few moments, but as Amanda got warnmed up and (as usual) no one told her to shut her disgusting vile mouth, she and Aaryn fed off each other's poison and ended up making disgusting anti-Asian jokes. I hope that Asians, blacks and every other minority as well as many of the rest of us show up on the finale night to picket in front of the studio and denounce both CBS and Zuckerman. If she wins, CBS should be forced to give the money to minority anti-defamation groups. As a Jew she should be ashamed of herself. It is people like her — people with no conscience and no ability to see the humanity in their neighbors — who tortured Jews and dehumanized them in Nazi Germany.

I am absolutely disgusted. CBS has to eject Zuckerman right after they vote out Aaryn. Nothing else will do. And if the vile behavior continues for even one day after that, they should shut down the whole show and force the houseguests to be guests on Oprah.


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