Wednesday March 29, 2017
Big Brother 15 Updates: Casual Clothes for the Live Show 4:00 pm BBT Wed 7.03.13

 Amanda and Crae are playing chess. As Jessie watches eating her ice cream.

The living room is GinaMarie on one couch. Andy just sat down next to her. On the other couch is Spencer, Nick and David. Spence just got up and left. And Jeremy and Kaitlyn on the block couch ( a Alfred can dream….evict the lovebirds) Just misc convo. Judd joins them for a hot minute, and then leaves.

Hmmmm. They are all dressed in work out clothes and gym shoes. Appears this will be a physical challenge….(yeah!!!!)

{sidebar id=8}All HGs appear to be very low key and chilled out.

We get fish at 4:11 pm. Then back at 4:11 pm……LOL. The trivia screen flashed by, but that’s it.

Fish 7:12pm then back at 7:12pm

Feeds in chess area and the living room. 2 girls doing stretches on the floor. Kait and GM.

Kaitlyn leaned over and whispered something to Jessie, but couldn’t hear. It was quick. Then left area when others came over.

Gina and Judd got to back bedroom Judd said something, but feeds looped. Then he says, you know we are going to have to fight for it. Guys are stretching on he beds.

Sent to the lounge, most of the HGs are in there. Eight of them give or take since they keep coming and going. Talking about what they said back home before leaving. Now sent to the kitchen. Gina is trying to tear something, no clue. She just cut Andy (he was holding whatever she was cutting). He goes to the storage to look for bandaids. We are sent with him. doesn’t find them. Now back to the lounge with Helen talking about work. Talking about how they got there keys. (kinda of shocked they have cut this off with the fish). Helen states they filmed her for 8 hrs. They said they forgot equipment at her house, and she thought great, they filmed me all day and I am not going on the show.. but when she got back to the house is when she found out. Aaryn is telling them her and her family and she are are obsessed with the show. They have parties. They watch old episodes. They taped Rachel’s wedding and had a party watching it. Andy tells them Dom and Dani got married. Helen is completely shocked. She asks if anyone else. They say no. what about J&J, aren’t they engaged?. Some say no. Elissa says yes.

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