So You Think You Can Dance: Recap For August 27, 2013

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Recap For August 27, 2013

Hello and welcome to the top 6 performance show of SYTYCD. By the end of the night we will be down to the final 4 competitors who are competing to become America's favorite dancer. Cat cuts right to the chase and announces the dancers. The Opening Routine is a Sean Cheesman Jazz piece.

On the judging panel tonight as always is executive producer and dizzyfeet foundation co-founder Nigel Lythgoe, and Ballroom Choreographer/Hot Tamale Train Conductor Mary Murphy. Joining them this week on the panel is Modern Family star and regular on the SYTYCD Panel Jesse Tyler Ferguson!

1) Paul and All Star Katherine McCormick
Dance: Jazz
Choreographer: Tyce Diorio
Song: "Tied Up"-Yello
Theme of Dance: This is about the need for control and power between a woman and a man.
Nigel: "I'm not sure who won that battle" "It was a great performance."
Mary: "Katherine your dress was great" "Tyce that was a great opening number" "Paul you have great charisma"
Jesse: "What a relief tonight to start with the dancing and no results." "This is an insanely good group of 6 dancers"
 My Critique:  This routine was very well performed. Some of the moves I have never seen before. I will not be scoring the routines tonight though because any performance that graces tonight's stage means it is being done by incredible dancers.

2) Amy SOLO

3) Hayley and All-Star Joshua Allen
Dance: Hip Hop
Choreographer: Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo  
Song: "Work Hard, Play Hard"-Wiz Khalifa
Theme of Dance: This performance is taking place in the boxing ring.
Nigel: "You made NappyTap work today" "Joshua it is great to come back"" "You remind me of Hillary Swank in million dollar baby"
Mary: "Joshua I feel those hips from here" "Hayley way to fight to stay in the game"
Jesse: "That was the greatest workout video of all time" "It was so fantastic to watch" "I love that you can take on that character.
 My Critique: A very cute routine it was very cool choreography to see put into action.

4) Deshaun "Fik-Shun" SOLO

5) Aaron and All-Star Melanie Moore
Dance: Broadway
Choreographer: Spencer Liff
Song: "Faith"-George Michael
Theme of Dance: This is the case of a married couple who is happy in love but in the middle of their first fight.
Nigel: "Melanie I love your hair straightened." "Aaron I would love for you to lower your shoulders a bit"
Mary: "Even with our shoulders I absolutely loved the routine." "Your  injury may be due to your shoulders."
Jesse: "Aaron I have been a huge fan of yours from the beginning." "I cant wait for the day for when everyone has to do tap" "You are unbelievable"
 My Critique: I really enjoyed the cuteness of this routine's choreography. That may actually be the early decision on tonight's theme. 2nd really cute routine.

6) Jasmine SOLO

7) Paul SOLO

8) Fik-Shun and All-Star Witney Carson.
Dance: Fox-Trot
Choreographer: Jonathan Roberts
Song: "Sexy Silk"-Jessie J.
Theme of Dance: This is sexy and fast and Witney is too hard to handle
Nigel:  "Fik-Shun I am pleased with you that the vote from last week will carry you"
Mary: "Witney you are so stunning tonight" "Fik-Shun it was not Fred Estere and you had some rough spots."  
Jesse: "Mary dragged me along the floor at my weeding" "It kind of seemed like Witney was dragging you a little."
 My Critique:  Fik-Shun has kind of been my favorite throughout the season, he did seem a bit dragged along but it was good.

9) Hayley SOLO

10) Jasmine and All-Star Neill Haskell
Dance: Jazz
Choreographer: Tyce Diorio
Song: "Unfaithful"-Unfaithful
Theme of Dance: This routine is attempting to symbolize a hurricane or tsunami and the recovery process.
3 Judge Standing Ovation
Nigel:  "You two were absolutely tremendous in that." "The lifts were amazing" "Jasmine I see a great career in your life"
Mary: "I love it when pieces like this can effect you like that" "I love how you guys can make me cry by your dancing"  
Jesse: "I love how the piece had social relevance" "It broke my heart the routine was so beautiful."
 My Critique:  This routine is the one that everyone will remember at the end of tonight's show. That was absolutely perfect and beautiful.

11) Aaron SOLO

12) Amy and All-Star Alex Wong
Dance: Bollywood
Choreographer: Nakul Dev Mahajan
Song: "Munni Bandnamm"-?
Theme of Dance: Amy is the bollywood diva and Alex is her servant.
3 Judge Standing Ovation
Nigel:  "It was so much fun and incredibly difficult" "Alex you hurt yourself on Bollywood I am glad you could perform"
Mary: "Some of those moves were absolutely amazing to me" "I was going nuts"
Jesse: "Good Golly miss Bollywood" "My quads hurt from watching that" "I loved your routine with Travis last week"
 My Critique: This was a very fun piece. I really like bollywood and it is very fast moving which I love. 

13) Hayley and Paul
Dance: Contemporary
Choreographer: Dee Caspary
Song: "I'm Gonna Be"-500 Miles.
Theme of Dance: This is about a man convincing a woman that he will be there for him for his whole life.
2 Judge Standing Ovation Nigel staying seated.
Nigel: "I absolutely loved the flow of the movement" "I loved the pointed feet." "Paul reminds of a young Elvis"
Mary: "Is there anyone else out there hoping they would become a couple" "Paul reminds me of James Dean"
Jesse: "I'm so stressed out from watching that piece" "You two have a great connection"
14) Amy and Fik-shun
Dance: Hip-Hop
Choreographer: Dave Scott
Song: "Lemme See"-Usher
Theme of Dance: All I want is hard and sexy. This is 2 krumpers in love. We are breaking furniture practicing this.
Nigel: "It must be wonderful to choreograph them Dave isn't it" "Amy you have given us an incredible collection of routines tonight."
Mary: "I love having the dream team back together again" "The body rippling was great." "Fik-Shun you make total sense in this competition."
Jesse: "I was heartbroken when they broke you two up" "Fik-Shun you are a mega star"
 My Critique: It was great to reunite my favorite couple of the season back together.

15) Jasmine and Aaron
Dance: Jazz
Choreographer: Sean Cheesman  
 My Score:  This was an incredibly creative routine. I apologize I missed the judges comments about the routine.

Amy is in the final 4 along with Jasmine Harper on the girls side. This sadly means that Hayley is not in the Final 4. The judges are all giving her a standing ovation. The first guy competing in the finale is Aaron, and the 2nd one is Fik-Shun. This is incredibly surprising to me that Paul was sent home. I probably would have sent Aaron and Hayley home but that is me and not America's consensus. The finale is next week and get ready it is only 6 days and 22 hours away.

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