America's Got Talent: Recap For September 3, 2013

agtAmerica's Got Talent
Recap For September 3, 2013

Hello and welcome to America's Got Talent on NBC. Tonight we will see the second half of the semi-final acts as they fight for a chance to make it into the finals and win a headlining act in Vegas.

Act: Amanda and D'Angelo
Talent: Dance
Sammi: Their routine is a futuristic dance to Michael Jackson. It is much different than I am used to seeing from them, but I like it. The water and special effects give it a nice touch and that WOW factor. Win or lose this show, they have a future on Dancing With The Stars as pros in a few years.
Mel B: She loves how flawless the dancing was, but only caught her attention when  they hit the water.
Howie: This was great, but not their best. They are at the same level as last time, but hopes America votes.
Howard: To dance like that in water was great and they upped their game.
Heidi: They are fierce and she loves them.

Act: Marty Brown
Talent: Singing
Sammi: He is singing Bless The Broken Road, which is one of my favorite songs. He adds his own spin to it and has so much heart as he sings. He has such a warm, sweet personality that you cannot help but smile.
Mel B: Much better than last time, but still not spot on and in tune.
Howie: He proved him wrong, but he needs to push the edge.
Heidi: 100% better than last time, but we will see what happens.
Howard: He connected with the audience, but it was a safe song.

Act: Chicago Boyz
Talent: Acrobatics
Sammi: One of them gets hurt and can no longer perform. However, the show must go on. They are exciting, fun and really athletic. I have never seen anything like this before. WOW! If they don't win, they should definitely get their own show or something.
Howard: They did Patrick (the one who got hurt) proud. They are phenomenal athletes.
Heidi: She loves seeing how joyous they are when they perform.
Mel B: She had her doubts, but that was off the hook.
Howie:  It was one of the most exciting things he has  ever seen and they should go on.

Act: Leon and Romy
Talent: Magic
Sammi: They are a bit sexier tonight. they do the woman in a box routine, but make the box disappear rather than cut the woman. To me, it was a cross between a DWTS pro performance and magic.
Howard: He likes how it is no nonsense magic. Remarkable.
Heidi: She loves it!
Mel B: She fell in love with magic all over again.
Howie: Howard made the right choice! They kiss! They both go to kiss their wives.

Act: Anna Christine
Talent: Singing
Sammi: I've said it before and said it again….she is a like a baby Miss Melanie. I can close my eyes and swear I was at a MMVR gig. What a voice….WOW!!! She needs a contract pronto.
Mel B: The other singers better watch out, she was amazing.
Howie: WOW!
Howard: She was fantastic. He hopes Jon Bon Jovi comes to the finals to sing with her.
Heidi: She probably has the strongest voice of the night. She is a superstar.

Act: Kenichi Ebina
Talent: Variety
Sammi: He always seems to have some kind of Matrix quality. Just when I thought he couldn't top his last performance, there he goes with making a double of himself dance in a mirror, flip it, reverse it and trap himself. WOW! If he doesn't WIN, I will be in shock. I am already praying that I have enough money on my Visa so I can see him live.
Howie: He screams over how much he loves it.
Howard: He thinks it is amazing.
Heidi: He is elevating dance to a whole new level.
Mel B: It  is mind blowing and she wants it in Vegas.

I love how the double is still dancing in the mirror.

Act: John Wing
Talent: Comedy
Sammi: He talks about family, marriage and women. He is hilarious and so relatable. What I like is how it isn't too over the top or racy. Just funny with a bit of adult humor that will go over the kids heads if they happen to hear it.
Howard: Vote for him, he is great.
Heidi: He is funny and relatable.
Mel B: Funny and spot on.
Howie: He makes people laugh effortlessly.

Act: Branden James
Talent: Singing
Sammi: He has such a beautiful voice and really commands the stage.  He is brilliant, but my fear is with all the talent there tonight he might get lost in the shuffle. I hope not, because he has something special.
Heidi: She is sweating with him and thinks he is the whole package.
Mel B: He looks extra cute tonight and says it was great.
Howie: The competition is mind boggling. It is really going to be up to America tonight.
Howard: He loves him but feels like the passion wasn't there. He isn't sure about tonight.

Act: Kristef Brothers
Talent: Variety
Sammi: For someone who was so injured, he certainly seems to be doing well. They come up with things I have never seen or even thought were possible….I mean, who thinks of balancing on people with swords in their mouths? It is magic meets Blades Of Glory.
Heidi: Today this was amazing and she loves them. She wants them to win.
Mel B: She was entertained and would take her kids to see them.
Howie: They shouldn't give too much away.
Howard: They reinvented this talent and says they are inspirational.

Act: American Military Spouses Choir
Talent: Singing
Sammi: I cannot stop crying. WOW. I am at a loss for words.
Heidi: She loves them.
Howie: They need to judge on them on their talent, not who they are married to.
Howard: They are pleasant, but not their best.
Mel B: Good, but is it enough?

Act: Timber Brown
Talent: Danger
Sammi: He is swinging from a chain over a pool and falls in with pyro effects in between. I like it, but it is a bit hard to follow.
Howie: He likes it and hopes people vote.
Howard: He has talent, but it isn't as strong as his previous performances.
Heidi: He is better than this.
Mel  B: It was magnificent.

Act: Jimmy Rose
Talent: Singing
Sammi: He has a beautiful, soothing voice and really brings the emotion. I just hope its enough to keep him on the show.
Heidi: He sings from the heart, but it might be hard for him tonight.
Mel B: He sang with such emotion--well bloody done.
Howie: Good job, but he has a lot of competition. People have to vote.
Howard: It was nice, but he wasn't blown away.

Join us tomorrow for the AGT results. Goodnight.

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