Wednesday March 29, 2017
Big Brother 15 Updates "Amanda, Amanda, Amanda" 1:00 PM BBT, Thursday, 6-27-13

Amanda and Kaitlin are in the bedroom rehashing yet again the conversation with Helen, telling her that Elissa is not someone she should be hanging out.  Apparently there is a showmance of some sort going on, I don’t know who. But apparently the guy has already said he is here for the game, not for the girls. I think the guy is Jeremy.  Actually I think this it is a triangle between Kaitlin, Jessi, and Jeremy. Also David and Aaryn might be an item too. (Isn’t this like day 6 are you kidding me, is this middle school?)

Amanda is telling Kaitlin to let Jessi fight with her, but don’t fight back. Then the guys will want to put Jessi up. (OKAY I AM BORED WITH AMANDA!!)

The guys in the living room are talking about their balls and their Dicks…. They hope their dicks win MVP next week.  (OKAY SWITCH)

{sidebar id=8}Candice is in the bedroom talking to Nick about MVP. Nick says he isn’t letting bother hom because he can’t control it. He is just cooking eggs…. (What the heck?) Candice seems to be lamenting the twist even if she thinks that it is the best twist, it is game changing. Stupid people will want to get rid of people for personal reasons; smart people will want to get rid of strong people. So this will be the season of floaters. Candice and Nick are reminiscing about home. Candice says it would really suck to have the whole house against you. It never happens to a guy, it only happens to girls. Aaryn walks in looking for her hat.  (They switch the cam)

Howard and Amanda are talking about McCrae how he was odd, and nerdy if he hadn’t won HOH he could have gone home. Now Amanda is telling the HELEN STORY OMG I am soo sick of this story.

In the HOH room Helen and McCrae is talking about winning the Veto comp and or throwing the competition.  Helen wants to keep Elissa in the game, but Amanda is making her feel like Elissa is talking crap. McCrae is saying that Amanda is paranoid crazy and she is on medication that is a cognitive enhancer. Helen is in alliance with Andy, Helen, and McCrae and Elissa. McRae would like Elissa to put up David, and then if they win the Veto competition but up Aaryn. However they want to put Elissa up so that it doesn’t look like they are working together.  McCrae says she will be pissed off if I put her up but it will look like we aren’t working together.  They can use the argument I would rather get rid of a strong guy Elissa won’t last until next week. They just need to work on the votes, the numbers between 5-7. Helen is going to act sweet to Elissa, so the rest of the girls don’t think something is funny.  They leave the HOH room to play chess.

{sidebar id=8}We get    ><>      ><>

Amanda and Howard talking about Dan’s game. You have to campaign early in this game.  Amanda would like to form an alliance with McCrae and Howard. I guess Howard pissed McCrae off early so he doesn’t think McCrae would be on board but he will try to feel him out. 

More ><>  <><

I think that we are at the start of the VETO Draw…. SammiT will let us know more!

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