Big Brother 15 Updates “McCranda Sucks” 12:00 PM BBT, Sunday, 8-25-13

Big Brother 15 Updates “McCranda Sucks” 12:00 PM BBT, Sunday, 8-25-13

HOH: Elissa and Judd are talking about McRanda. Judd is on a mission to get rid of McCranda he refuses to vote for them. They talk about how Andy is beginning to see the light and Spencer can’t stand them. Elissa says Amanda is like a trend everyone tries her once and won’t do it again. Elissa tells Judd about Andy lying to him. Andy knew that Judd was being backdoored. Judd says yea but it was Amanda’s master plan. Judd talks about JoJo from last season and how she was classier than Amanda. They talk about how everything happens for a reason. Judd and Elissa both agree that him being gone for 2 weeks is a good thing and that it is allowed him to have a better prospective. They talk about Aaryn being a jerk. Elissa talks about Helen how she was awesome but led her down paths she really didn’t want. Judd talks about how much crap he talked about Howard. They go back to Amanda and McCrae making things up and saying Howard uses his religion but McCrae is sacrilegious look at his wedding. Elissa can’t believe that McCrae who wanted so badly to be on the show gave up the game to be with Amanda!  They talk about the supposed Howard comment to Amanda. Elissa says hello you GF is walking around in a thong and her boobs out… What do you expect? Judd talks about Amanda coming to him and saying the reason he had to go was because he lied to her. Judd responded please we are in the BB house ill shake the person’s hand that hasn’t lied in the house.  They talk about what they want out of life, friends, family etc, Elissa wants to be like Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey (News flashed they are divorced and remarried with kids!) They talk about what they could do to make their lives outside of the house better. Judd wants a second job. Elissa says she is frugal. They talk about how loyalty, respect and honor are not a part of this game and Amanda takes it to a whole new level. Elissa can’t believe Amanda insulted her husband.  Conversation moves on to people that hate Rachel and some are obsessed especially Aaryn and Amanda.

Bathroom: Aaryn is up getting ready.  

Bedrooms: Everyone is sleeping.

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