Big Brother 15 Updates "I Hate Elissa!" 8:00 PM BBT, Monday, 8-12-13

Big Brother 15 Updates "I Hate Elissa!" 8:00 PM BBT, Monday, 8-12-13

Jessie heads up to the tub in the HOH with Aaryn.  They don't even get the door closed and Jessie says that Elissa is so on her nerves.  She says that she is a grown a* woman and is dumb as a rock.  She tries to use big words and doesn't even put them in complete sentences.  She can't even be in the same room with her.  

Jessie thinks that perhaps everyone is going to cross Andy and vote her out.  She says that she has made it this far on nobody's dime but her own and has been on the block four times. Aaryn says that she doesn't know anything about that and if that is the case, she is next on thel list.  Jessie says that she can't stomach Amanda winning and if she gets the five hundred thousand she will be sick.  And that means that McCrae would win, too.  Or Elissa.  It is okay if Andy wins because he has played the game.  Aaryn says she is just feeling like she, Aaryn, has been feeling.  Jessie says that she pitched Andy this beautiful plan and he was considering it, but he didn't do it.  Aaryn asks why.  Jessie says that he trusts them and thought that they would protect them.  She says that she told him that they would protect him if he switched it up.  Jessie says that they come back to the f*ing loyalty thing and that is only because you haven't been in the position to be the one not to be loyal to.  Jessie says that they are so powerful because of this loyalty.  Jessie says that Helen and Elissa today, she can see their comfortability factor increase exponentially.

 Jessie thinks that Spencer is going home and she would be blindsided if she goes home, so she doesn't think that they would be lying to her face because she won't vote for them.  Now they have to consider your feelings.  Jessie doesn't get it about Helen and Elissa.  They have not come up to her and said anything to her after nominations.

Aaryn says that is why she is so pi*ed at her for keeping Elissa in the house.  And now it has happened.  Jessie says that everything seemed like it had worked out a couple of weeks ago.  Elissa is bat sh* crazy and a weird f*.  How stupid you look on tv and you come off as the least educated. Aaryn says remember when you got in the fight with me.  What did they do as soon as the fight was over?  

jessie says that if there had never been a moving company this would not have happened.  Jeremy scre*d them over when he did that. They had a final four and it was a good one.  She says looking back, she was so excited in the DR and they didn't want to know about it.  She says she was a Big Brother fan and now as a Big Brother player it makes her so mad that it is set up so that the person who was the first person in the house to have the HOH still has had the power since that time.  Aaryn says that maybe you can change things by instead of going against them, join with them.  She says that you need to go to them and say that you are sick of it and don't want to be on that side anymore and ask if there is anything she can do for them next week.  Jessie says that she made her bed and feels like she has to lie in it because Helen is close to them already. She doesn't feel that she is appreciated and Helen doesn't even look at her.  

Aaryn thinks that maybe Helen thinks that Jessie is targeting her and Jessie says that people could assume that she is targeting her.  We can't hear Aaryn talk because of the water and she is not wearing her mic. We can only hear Jessie's responses.  Jessie is also worried if Helen/Elissa find out then she would lose those 2 votes to stay. Aaryn says there would only be two votes against her and Andy breaks the tie. Jessie is convinced she is staying and people need to be nice to her for the future.

Jessie says you are a f*ing moron Helen and she and Andy are so close that she could have prevented him putting her up if she wanted to.  Aaryn finishes her legs and they get ready to leave.  Jessie says that she thinks that is her move.  Aaryn says that it is.  Aaryn told Jessie that she gave her the idea how to stay now shes doing the same for her. Aaryn spills coffee on the rug and is glad it did not get on Andy's clothes because it does not come out.  They put a towel down and pat up the coffee.

Aaryn says that even if they say that they are coming after her, still make the deal.  The two girls come downstairs together.  Jessie and Aaryn tell Andy that they trashed his HOH room and had a party.  Andy says good to know.  

Aaryn and Andy head to the storage room.  She tells Andy that Jessie was almost in tears. Jessie told her that Helen and Elissa were treating her like scum and she wants to get Elissa out if she is HOH next week.  She hates them.  She said that she thought her only recourse was to work with Amanda and McCrae.  She says that we might want.. Andy says that she is so inconsistent and changes each day.  He will be watching her, though, to see what is going on.  He still thinks that she needs to go home.  Aaryn says that she swears that it was from Jessie's mouth.  They break up immediately and head in their own direction.  

Andy is called to the diary room.


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