Big Brother 15: The Faces of Evil

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The Faces of Evil

It seems the social experiment called Big Brother 15 is acutally turning out to be an experiment in which we are the guinea pigs. To get the experiment started we were treated to at least 5 racists and sexists. There also appeared to be 11 normal people in the BB15 house. As time passed the racists and sexists reined in their behavior and the normal people began to exhibit some traits of the the sexists and racists. The Faces of Evil were getting obscured.

There is little doubt that we the fans are the Guinea Pigs, in this BB15 experiment being managed by our fine friends in the Big Brother Diary room. We are the microbes living in the toilet bowl while all sorts of feces and urine get rained down upon us to see how we will react.

Speaking of the Diary Room, why is it stll blocked from viewers?  When production locked live feeders out of the Diary room after Big Brother 3 the reason was that the Jury couldn't be allowed to see Jury sessions because it probably cost Danielle Reyes the win. Well that was a long time ago, and editing has gotten a lot better and faster, and there is no longer any valid reason to lock fans out of the Dairy room, No reason of course unless it is being used by Big Brother production to manage and manipulate the game of Big Brother.

To begin with I had faith in human nature, and thought in general we would not tolerate such vile behavior from the house guests. I felt we would do all we could to get the racists and sexists evicted or removed from the Big Brother 15 house.

Now Big Brother has added even more to the experiment by introducing bullying. Yes, it has been there all along, but now it is being accentuated more and more to get our attention to see how we react to it. Amanda has gone from a fairly good edit to a more honest edit as she is being featured as the bully and bigot.

It seems the fans are being asked to prioritize, and prioritize they are doing, by being more concerned about who is playing the game the best and not so much with the racists, sexists and bigots in the game. It has become so much that way, it is possible to see the unthinkable happening, one of the bad people winning the game.

Aaryn, once viewed as the most vile of the vile, is now being rationalized by the fans as not being so bad. We are hearing comments like "to her credit Aaryn cleans the kitchen," and  "Aaryn might not be as bad as we first thought." Spencer, the fellow, I refuse to call a man, who used the "C" word to describe women in general and felt women should walk a pace behind men to show respect, is now being seen as a real player with fans pretty much forgetting his real views. Gina Marie is now being seen as a comic side kick rather than what she really is.
BB15 not wanted
Rationalizing evil into good is not something new. It is something the human race has been doing since the beginning of time. Hitler had 6 million jews exterminated, yet the German people praised him for having the autobauns built and restoring the German economy. Joesph Stalin is credited with being the allied force that helped end the war in Europe while along the way ending the lives of millions in labor camps. Mao Zedong had his Red Army put over 40 million people to death but is heralded as the father of modern China. We could go back further into history and throw many more examples at you, but we have made our point. The Big Brother fans are doing exactly as they were expected to do. The Big Brother fans are abandoning their core values in favor of rationalizing bad into good. Getting hit by feces isn't so bad if you think of it as fertilizer that will help your crops grow.

I have to hand it to Alison Grodner and her production team.  They have managed to have us see that Big Brother fans will always make the selfish decision, not always the right decision. Big Brother fans in general only care that there will be a Big Brother 16 and will never do anything to jeopordize that.

Come on Big Brother fans, the ratings are too good to cancel your summertime passion. There will be a Big Brother 16.  I promise you that.  Please demonstrate to this Big Brother Social Experiment that you will do the right thing by defending your core values.

Please help eliminate the racists, sexists, bigots, and bullies from the Big Brother 15 house.

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