Big Brother 15: Recap For August 1, 2013

Big Brother 15: Recap For August 1, 2013Big Brother 15

Recap For August 1, 2013

By honeySC

Julie Chen welcomes us to Big Brother 15. She tells us that we are nearly halfway through the game at 42 days, and three houseguests have serious targets on their back. Tonight either Howard, Candice, or Amanda will leave the house tonight.  Candice unleashes on the house and the new Head of Household competition is held.

Candice says that in true redneck fashion, the girl put her up, but she will put on her cowboy hat and ride it out.  Howard hopes that someone has the guts to send Amanda home.  Candice says she might have well said, "Grab your rebel flag.  There's black people on the block."  Howard says that she is painting a negative picture and they aren't going anywhere.

Spencer wants to get the people on his side and cause a shift in power.  He goes to GinaMarie and she admits that Amanda has no power with her.  Howard works on Andy by saying that numbers will soon not favor even the people in the middle.  Spencer shares with Candice that they are on the same side and need to keep it there.  Andy runs to Amanda and tells her that they are trying to flip the house to get her out.  She trembles and gets upset and Andy tells her not to flip out.  Amanda confronts Spencer about the plan and Spencer lies, saying that he wanted to send Candice out.  In the diary room he says that he has to maintain plausible deniability.  Of course he wants to get Amanda out.   Amanda threatens him and warns him that he can fix it if he admits and stops it.  Spencer tells her to shut up and says that he is not a punk b*.  He tells her that he knows she doesn't trust him and he wants to leave it until Thursday.  

bb15 aug1 2 amanda spencerHelen is listening to a portion of the conversation and Helen is upset with Spencer because he is throwing Candice under the bus.  She tells Candice and Candice decides to call a house meeting.  She says that she is bombarded by people telling her that he is campaigning for her to go.  She tells the house that he told her that he was rallying the troops to get Amanda out and called her names.  She says that she doesn't want her name to come out of his mouth.  She also says that if it is in her power, he will go home next week. Spencer denies it all. 

bb15 aug1 2 candace confrontsThe result of Candice's meeting is that Jessie is worried, GinaMarie is worried, and Aaryn is worried. They worry that their names will come out of her mouth next. Aaryn realizes that she has nominated people for the house, but now that Candice is there on the block, she wants to take the opportunity to send Candice home.  

Julie joins the houseguests in the living room. They play a baby game.  Britney had a baby girl named, Tilly Elizabeth. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had a girl and her name is North West. The royal baby was a prince and his name is George Alexander Louis.  Jessie is asked what she misses most from home and she says her dog.  Judd is homesick for his family, friends, and his dog.

Judd's family is featured.  It is a huge thing for his small town of Englewood.  Tana, his mom, says that he can get along with anyone anywhere.  His father, Andy says that he is a huge Big Brother fan.  His family says that he is just waiting for the right time to strike.  Jordan, his friend bought one of the bear shirts that Judd likes to wear.  They have parades and parties in the local hangout. They like the way he is playing the game and think that he is not showing his full hand yet.

The live vote:
Julie announces the live vote and offers the three a chance for a final plea.  Amanda says hi to her family and friends and she says that she is not ready to go yet and playing next to McCrae is something she did not expect.  She wants a nice big Jewish wedding and thanks GinaMarie for her support.  Julie asks if she heard the word wedding, and Amanda announces that she and McCrae are "Big Brother engaged."  Julie congratulates her. Candice says that she is one tough cookie and she is not ready to go home.  Howie is her best friend in the house and that is why they are on the block together.  Howard wants to say hi to his mom and sisters and his paster.  He loves each of his castmates and hopes that they will be friends back home.  He wants them to vote with their hearts and not as a threat.

Helen votes to evict Howard.
Elissa votes to evict Howard.
Spencer votes to evict Candice.
McCrae votes to evict Howard.
Andy votes to evict Howard.
Judd votes to evict Howard.
GinaMarie votes to evict Howard.
Jessie votes to evict Howard.
BB15 aug1 howard evicted
By a vote of 7-1-0, Amanda with no votes, Candice with 1 vote, and seven votes for  Howard, Howard is evicted from the Big Brother 15 house.  Amanda breathes a sigh of relief, Howard hugs it out with everyone who comes to him.  His last hug is for Candice and it is a long one.  He tells her to go get her bed.

Howard exits the house to huge cheers from the audience as the houseguests watch his photo go black.  Julie asks Howard why they saw him as such a huge threat and he says that it might be mental, but they see him as bucking the system and the power is Helen, Elissa, McCrae and Amanda.  Julie asks him about the Moving Company and why he lied to Helen about it.  He says that he tried to save face, but he had to tell her the truth.  Julie asks him about the racism and how hard it was to hold your tongue.  He says that it is hard when it was right next to you, but his temper is not good and he accepted it and took the high road.  She shares his goodbye messages.

Spencer wishes he was back in here.  Amanda doesn't like his gameplay and is manipulative and takes things personally.  Helen says that she is so sorry that she had a hand in this eviction and he is a good stand up man.  Candice says that he was the perfect friend for her when she needed it.

Julie asks him about his friendship with Candice and he says that they bonded over a trying time, and they are not a showmance, but a friendship.  He says that it came down to staying in the house or looking at himself in the mirror and he chose the mirror.  She tells him that the Big Brother MVP is America.  Howard thought that it was Elissa.

America gets to be MVP again this week. We have the power to nominate the third nominee again this week. We can vote by text messsage or by visiting cbs.com.

It is time to crown a new Head of Household.  This competition is called Bull in a China Shop.  The job is to hold onto a rope with a bull head and walk a rolling barrel for as long as they can.  When they have to release, their bull will swing and crash into a china shop.  The first three houseguests who fall off their barrel will get to open a box and one of the boxes will contain $5, 000.  They are told by Julie that there will be no Have Nots this week and everyone will get to eat.  Judd is happy and Candice says that she will eat bacon and fried chicken.
bb15 aug1 hoh comp
Elissa struggles initially and slips, but recovers.  Julie notes that some are struggling, while others seem to do it naturally. Julie reminds them to tighten their grip because those bulls are about to run a whole lot faster.  The barrel roller picks up speed.

Sunday on Big Brother 15, find out who wins the competition and learn who is nominated.  On Wednesday, learn who America nominated for eviction and watch the Power of Veto competition and meeting.  On Thursday gear up for a double eviction!

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