Big Brother 15 Updates "GinaMarie and Elissa" 3:30 PM BBT, Sunday, 7-21-13

Big Brother 15 Updates "GinaMarie and Elissa" 3:30 PM BBT, Sunday, 7-21-13

Small World Room, GM and Elissa and Andy quietly in the room as they  talk.

GM says that she said things in the beginning and she apologized to her.  Elissa says if you are going to be agressive with me, I  don't think we should have this conversation.  She says she is done with the younger girls.  GM says that she is not being agressive and Elissa asks her to quiet down and have a normal conversation.  GM says that she knows that Amanda got upset and you need to talk to her and make your own conclusion.  She says that the only thing she brought up was the college thing and they got over it.  Elissa says that we have been there, done that and over it.  Elissa explains that it was a simple question and GM says that she doesn't think that you hate me and you always say good morning.  She says that if she doesn't like someone she won't sit down in a conversation and she sits there with you.  Elissa asks who said that and then says, "Aaryn."  She says that she feels she makes poor decisions and has poor character.  She says that she doesn't think about them, she thinks about her family, the game, people who support her.  She doesn't think about it.  

GM says that she didn't bring it up as a mean thing but that she and Elissa had a disagreement and she went to her and they straightened it out, so maybe Amanda can do that as well.  Elissa says that she is done with the two girls.  She says that Aaryn is a bad person, says racist things, has poor character and she is done with her.  They don't exist for her.  She is a snake.  GinaMarie says that she  didn't hear the racist things and Aaryn says that it was twisted.  Elissa says that the things she has said are disgusting, not twisted, and she she wants nothing to do with it.  

Elissa asks GM about her point about last night, was it to apologize to her?  GM says that she is only explaining what she said and how it was said.  If there was a problem she won't go to fifty girls and guys about it, but she wants to bring it to that one person's attention.  Elissa nods and umhuhs.  She says that she feels the same way, but she is not interested in the problem.  She cannot control someone's delusional thoughts.  

She says that she spoke to Aaryn for the first time since week one and she only did that because Spencer said that she had remorse, but she is just an evil person and she won't speak to her or to Kaitlin anymore.  Elissa says that she is disappointed that she was in that group last night.  GM points out that she was in a lot of conversations in the bathroom last night and she was just there for Amanda.  Elissa says that she is done with it, done with it last night.  Elissa says that she justifies the things she does, but does not see it as wrong or inappropriate.  GM says if you have heard anything that you need to bring to my attention.  ELissa says that she said to her last night, not nice, not mean, but that she told her she needs to own the things she says.  She asks GM that if she hears that stuff, to just walk away.  She is not going to be in a girl conversation that is rude.

GM says that she was not in that conversation except to bring that incident in as a positive way to handle things.  GM says that she is here to play and likes to be a happy upbeat person.

They move on to talk about hair extensions and mend the situation.  The conversation seems casual and all about hair after this.  Elissa says that she is feeling bad this week. She wants something to help her color her hair (regulator?) and she groans and holds her stomach.

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