Wednesday May 24, 2017

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Big Brother 15 Updates “Aaryn and Judd align”12:00 PM BBT, Tuesday, 7-16-13

In the Bedrooms we have Candice and Jessi getting dressed.  You can see GinaMarie still sleeping in bed.  In the kitchen Helen, Elissa, Howard, Aaryn are joined by Candice and Judd they are in different stages of making breakfast and cleaning. They move on to the fish dying.  Candice talks about her unusual features, they move onto Candice missing her kids from the clinic.

Aaryn and Judd are in the storage room looking for food. Judd tells her to have a carrot. Judd says anyone that talks game to me, I tell them you are not a threat for a while. Judd say I don’t think even if you don’t win HOH next week that you would go home. Aaryn says I never hear your name brought up. Kaitlin is in an alliance with Andy, Helen and Elissa. Judd said they told me not to put up Kaitlin if I win HOH, I said why I didn’t promise anything. Aaryn says that is ridiculous. BB calls Judd out for not wearing his microphone and he leaves.

In the Kitchen they are talking about relationships that they have had because of social networks, they wonder how many people will try to add us on Facebook and instagram we get <>< <>< <><

{sidebar id=8}When we come back and Helen and Candice are talking about guys behaviors when they are into you. Candice says they will book dates earlier in the week and keep tabs and basically just be in touch. Candice says I live and unusual lifestyle and I can be intimidating. Elissa says it is weird how guys get obsessed.  Aaryn talks about a guy she was getting to know a guy that lived in Kentucky and he would just left me while he went to all his lacrosse stuff, she paid for plane tickets. Aaryn says that the girl that I hung out with while he was gone and I are still friends though, so that’s the cool thing that came out of it.

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