Big Brother 15 Updates, Who is this Nick Guy? 1:30 am BBT Tuesday 7-16-13

Judd and Aaryn giggle as they place condoms and tissues around the HN room. Aaryn is laughing so hard she is having coughing fits.


Kitchen: Aaryn, Andy and Judd back in the kitchen. Gina sitting at the counter playing with a popcorn bag. Judd walking around eating a pickle. Gina says I hate pickles, they disguise me. Aaryn says you mean disgust? Gina says you're learning my language and laughs.

Lounge: Aaryn says I was laughing so hard... me and Judd. I feel slap happy and need to be entertained. Amanda asks her to go get her some pickles says I'm in a mean-spirited mood. Aaryn says I'm in prankster mood. Judd comes in and says Gina is just sitting in there. Andy comes in followed by Aaryn.

Kitchen: Gina still at the counter. Jeremy and Kaitlin eating. Jeremy says you got real sour real quick. Says I fell asleep in the hammock, dreamed we were drinking vodka. They read the bak of the cereal box and tell the jokes. Helen is paged to the DR. Kaitlin says it is already 1:40? Jeremy says you slept all day. Kaitlin says I'm depressed, I ate and slept, I'm still eating and going to bed soon. She says I want orange juice. Gina says there is none. GM starts talking about Nick. Jeremy says who is Nick, there was never a Nick in here, only one person was evicted, David. Elissa walks through and plays along, as does Kaitlin... there was never a Nick in the house. Gina says I just said he would like the coffee! Jeremy says there was no one named Nick. Gina says count the pictures. Jeremy says there is only one black and white picture. Are you schizophrenic? Gina says yes, I take medication. Kaitlin laughs.

Gina changes the subject to a garlic press. Says she never had one of those and will put it on her registry. Elissa takes her water and goes to the HOH room.

Lounge: still waiting for the practical jokes to be noticed. Aaryn wants to set up Candice. Andy says that would be World War f*ing three! Judd says I'm telling you she is going to blame me. Amanda says I'm scared, but excited at the same time. Helen comes out of the DR and heads upstairs telling everyone good night. Candice comes inside, gets something to munch and goes back outside. Howard comes in with an armload of folded clean towels. Spencer follows. Amanda is paged to the DR. Elissa asks Amanda to ask for nail clippers. Elissa walks through. Spencer says it will take them three days. Elissa walks toward the back of the house. BB says Elissa.... Candice says goodnight and heads to bed. Elissa walks through and up the stairs to the HOH room. Jeremy walks around singing his own made up tunes about the cockpit.

{sidebar id=8}HN: Howard goes in to change his clothes, sniffling, then leaves again. He walks toward the kitchen, and on to the bathroom. Gina asks him about the Jeffersons. Kailtlin describes The Jetsons... Spencer makes some toast and wanders out of the kitchen. Jeremy wants to do a lift. Kailtin says I'm too heavy. They do it. GM says I'd be on my cell phone right now. Jeremy says talking to Nick? Gina wanders out of the kitchen and into the graphics room. Jessie is in the Small world room changing clothes. Gina goes back to the bathroom area and into the toilet. Candice is in the shower.








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Guest_6278: I am loving American Idol this year
Guest_4222: Hi
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