Wednesday May 24, 2017

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BB15 Updates "Who will Helen put up" 2:30-3:00 BBT Friday 7-12-13

HOH Bathroom: Helen tells McCrae that Jeremy is trying to throw the rest of the MC.

Have-Not Room: Amanda is definitely a have-not and Elissa is not one because she just took a hot shower.

Rainbow Room: Jeremy and Caitlyn are sort of just sitting around. Jeremy includes Caitlyn is his conversation he had with Helen.

HOH Room: Helen says that if they put Howard up Howard would win the Veto. Spencer might not do that. Caitlyn comes in to steal time with Helen. Caitlyn is trying to make the case to Helen that Aaryn is the root of the trouble. Caitlyn feels that she is guilty be association. Helen tells her that she is likely to go up as a pawn to take out Aaryn.

{sidebar id=8}Rainbow Room: Elissa and Candace are just finishing up a conversation with we need to stick together with Helen. It is still unclear who the have-nots are. I know Amanda and Jessie are have-nots. Judd, McCrae or Howard may be the others. Don’t think it is all 5 though.

Photo Booth Room: Amanda and McCrae are talking about who should go up. They think it should be Aaryn and Howard, and Caitlyn should be the MVP nomination.

HOH Room: Helen says that she really likes Jeremy. She believes that Jeremy’s behavior is based on the fact that Aaryn is such a huge influence.  Amanda and McCrae come in to talk to Helen. They ask her what she is thinking. She says that Aaryn is a definite and the 2nd person needs to be either Howard or Spencer. Amanda says that her target is Jeremy and they need to put up a strong person who can keep the veto our of Jeremy’s hand.

Chess: Spencer is playing Howard. Andy is sitting there watching.

HOH Room: Amanda says that they need to put people on the block who would keep Jeremy. McCrae thinks that if they put Caitlyn she will throw the comp so Jeremy won’t go up. I think they have come up with Aaryn and Howard will be the noms. And Caitlyn will be the MVP nomination.

Graphics Room: Jeremy is talking with Elissa. Jeremy is talking with Elissa about his apology for the “hat wiping”. 

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