Big Brother 15 Updates "After the Aftermath" 8:00 PM BBT, Thursday, 7-11-13

Aaryn listens to what goes on downstairs and says that Jeremy is gone to them now.  Kaitlyn says that he came in and told them to stop crying and then left, no comfort for them.

Aaryn says that she wonders about the beds and wants Jessie and Judd to get out of the bed and Candace and Howard, ughhh.

Aaryn says that the one smile she had tonight was thinking about self evicting.  She says that she will get a half million dollars another way in her life.  She says she wants to go home.  She says she will campaign to get on the block.  GM says that they made a mistake not compaigning for David and campaigned full force for Nick and it had the same result.  Aaryn says that they developed a strong seven right off and it will stay the same until it gets to an equal number.  GM says that it was so impossible to pick a number and Kaitlyn says she should have put 800.  

GM says that they have to sit at the family table and GM says so she can look at his darkened picture every day.  Aaryn says you don't get your money until after the finale and GM says  fifteen hundred for her hair extensions so she is in the hole.  They talk about Elissa being here and not wanting to be here and why is she still here?  Aaryn says she is the biggest target so they want to keep her here.  GinaMarie says f*ing fat a*.  GM says mark my m*F* words, I am not going to talk to any of these people, but Helen I like, Jeremy and Howie, mark my words, the only one I want to talk to.  Aaryn says that she said that on day two, mark my words.  

{sidebar id=8} Aaryn says that Elissa might sleep up there and that will open a bed for them.  Aaryn says that they don't have to tiptoe on anyone's feelings so they can do whatever the f* they want.  GM says all the pretty people, who cares and she has her pageants to look forward to, and Aaryn says our lives are fine without this.
Howard comes up to talk with them and GM says that she respects him a lot and he says that it is a game.  Don't ostracize yourself, go down there even if it is fake and no more crying after tonight, okay?  He leaves.

Jeremy and Candice, Andy, McCrae, Judd, and Amanda are in the lounge and are talking about the comp and how they thought they knew it and they missed it.  Jeremy says that the questions were tough.  Howard is in the small world room and he asks her if she was in an alliance or not and she says no, she was not a part of their alliance and he asks her if she is comfortable and he knew what it was up.  She says she got on the boat right before it left the dock.  She says that Helen is talking about taking care of the people who have been with her from the beginning and so is she in the same position with this alliance as with the other?  Howard says that she has time to get comfortable with them and she is on the side where they will vote people out on that other side.  Howard thinks she has time to prove herself with them.  

Andy says that Candice and he can not lose this Have Not comp this week or he will be setting a record.  Andy says that he liked both of them.  Andy says that Nick would not talk enough game with him and Amanda says that same thing.  Howard says that they need to open up the yard and they say that it shouldn't take a long time to take it down, but then they might set up for the food comp.

Andy wants to clear the air with them, but they don't want to talk to him.  Jeremy says that he told them that everybody has to go and there are going to be people to go and it may be that it is people you don't want to go.  Andy says that Elissa has had her back and hasn't ever done anything wrong to her.  Candice says that people have to understand that you have to choose a side and you can't play it straddling the fence.  You have to pick a side and go to war and you don't have to be ugly and call them names and she is territorial and will not let the game be personal and call people ugly names.  At the end of the day alliances change and only one person can win the money.









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