Wednesday May 24, 2017

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Big Brother 15 Updates, Try to Remember.. 2:00 am BBT Thursday, 7-11-13

At 1:53 am BBT we got Trivia after house guests were awakened by alarms and BB announced lockdown was over.

Feeds back:  Spencer, Kaitlin and Nick discussing the schedule of what they have observed in the back yard.  Spencer rattling off observations with an almost photographic memory.

HN:  Andy and Helen discussing what they observed.  Andy leaves to find McCrae and Amanda.

Patio:  McCrae, Judd, Jessie and Amanda discussing observations.  BB tells them to go inside for a lockdown.  Andy says all the fragile signs were red.  They discuss what question may be asked as they finish their smokes.  BB tells them again to go inside for a lockdown...   Andy says we have to win this.  We need to each focus on something different, then get together and put it all together.  McCrae and Amanda continue smoking.  Jessie and Judd go inside.  They decide they will get their sleep in the HOH lockdown.  BB says again to go inside!

HN:  Elissa and Helen using things in the room to lay out a diagram of what they observed.  They are very unsure and differ in their observations.  Helen says we need Andy.  Elissa says I think it was 1:37 when we went out there.  They return to memorizing what they saw.  

Lounge:  Amanda using nail polish to make notes on a napkin.

HN:  Andy has joined Elissa and Helen in trying to remember.  

HOH:  Kaitlin, Aaryn and Jeremy in bed complaining they are going to be so tired tomorrow.

{sidebar id=8}Bathroom:  Nick and Gina studying together, they call Jessie and Judd in to help them.  Judd says he's not sure.  Jessie rattles off answers on the times that were posted.  Judd says focus on the boxes the next time.  He rattles off the boxes and what was in them.   Jessie says I hope they don't add stuff and then ask us for the totals.  Nick and Gina leave the bathroom.  Judd whispers and says they are trying to get information from us.  Jessie and Judd talk about feeling nervous all evening.  She says the thing is it will go off for only three minutes and if you are sleeping, you will miss all the boxes.  Jessie wants to stay close to the door.  Amanda comes in and shows them her napkin and discussion begin anew.  Amanda, Judd and Jessie discuss the business hours.

Feeds to the Living room, where Nick and Gina continue their study session.  Nick says they won't do it again until we all go back to bed.  

Howard and Spencer feel sure they pretty much got everything.  (Spencer picking his nose).  Spencer says they are all in there studying.  Spencer tries to put together how they will work this.  Howard says Candice, Aaryn, Helen and Andy are smart as hell.  He leaves and walks to the kitchen.  Elissa having a cup of tea.  He checks the  lounge, then the bathroom (recon mission).  Howard says I can't study, I have a photographic memory, says you'll do good, just don't overthink it.  he throws out some figures to them (please don't trust him...)

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