Wednesday May 24, 2017

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Big Brother 15 Updates, Amanda shows her... boobs 11:00 pm Sunday 7-7-13
Backyard:  The tournament continues.

HOH:  Kaitlin returns.  Jeremy says you can't flip like that.  Jeremy continues to blame it on her having wine.  Aaryn says next week, everyone is so scared of you and Kaitlin that they will be coming after me.  Jeremy says oh my god, you are tripping, tripping... he walks out.  Kaitlin stands drinkng water.  Enter Amanda and Jessie.  Amanda, wearing heels, shows them her boobs with bandaids on - says it  is not boobs if you don't see nipples.  Nick is embarassed and leaves the room.  Amanda is trying to get everyone to join her.  She takes off her towel and shakes her boobs.  (BB zooms in for a closer look).  She says I'm not going to show the guys unless you do it with me.  Amanda says this won't make the show.  Aaryn says but 9 million are watching you now.  Amanda continues shaking her boobs.  She says if you go in cute undies and a bra, I'll go like this.  Aaryn says she'll do that.  Gina and Jessie go to change.  Amanda struts for the camera.

Patio:  Nick has joined the group for charades (poor guy looks traumatized!)  

{sidebar id=8}HOH:  Amanda and Aaryn ready to go.  They join jessie and gina as they make their exit to start their "show"  Aaryn continues to beg for alcohol.  Amanda says it is a girl producer that hates us.  

Jeremy steps outside and says guys prepare to be happy - lots of titties...  BB puts a camera on the door, waiting for the girls to come out.  Amanda comes out first.  The other three follow.  Amanda bares it all.  The guys applaud.  Elissa sits quietly, as does Candice.  Amanda sits in the hot tub topless.  Aaryn, Jessie and Gina join her, but not topless.  Aaryn keeps her HOH robe on.  Gina goes inside and puts on clothes.  

HN:  Andy and Helen talking about who should go up.  Andy says everyone is so paranoid.  Helen says Spencer asked me about putting up Amanda.  I told him no way.  she says I think Spencer may have something with Jeremy too.  We have to keep him on our side for now, but we will have to vote him out.

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