Wednesday May 24, 2017

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Big Brother 15 Updates "Kaitlyn Interrupts" 8:30 PM BBT, Sunday, 7-07-13

In the midst of Aaryn's and Andy's conversation, Kaitlyn comes up to join them, severing the conversation.  She says that she won with bandana ball four times, and she has banana bread that she says isn't good.  

Aaryn says that she did spray tan and it will smell burnt in awhile, so the bed will not be fun tonight.  Kaitlyn says she will sleep with Jessie and Jeremy can stay up here with her.  Aaryn says she can sleep with Jessie and Kaitlyn says that she doesn't want to be up here alone with Jeremy or people will think that they are having sex.

Aaryn says that she has a random little hair that is bothering her on her face and Kaitlyn says that she had one on press day and they took it out.  Andy talks about press day and how they were measuring him and weighed and measured him.  Kaitlyn says that Press Day was so long and she had to sit for two hours and they forgot her.  Andy says that he loved it.  Jeremy arrives.  Jeremy says that he is pumped because he just won.  

{sidebar id=8} Jeremy settles down next to Kaitlyn and hugs her and says that he wants to be on her.  He crawls on top of her.
Nick is in the lounge and GinaMarie says that she will not talk to him here.  She says that she did not want to talk where people are coming around.  GM says that she wants to finish playing and he says that he doesn't want the attitude. She just wants to finish playing.  Nick says that there is no point in playing pool right now.  GM says that something is bothering her and it is bothering someone else as well and we have to do something.  

 They head for the graphics room.  GM says that Aaryn is pi* off because Kaitlyn and Jeremy are f*ing up her game and our game too.  GM says that the reason that you are going on the block is f*ing Kaitlyn and eventually we want Kaitlyn out of here. Jeremy and she are so involved that they are not focusing on the game and I told her that we are not together 24/7 because we are game focused and if someone goes after her he is going to blow up.  She says that Kaitlyn freaks out and doesn't let anyone talk to her to calm her down.

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