Big Brother 15 Updates "Aaryn Confides About Kaitlyn" 8:00 PM BBT, Sunday, 7-07-13

Tonight the houseguests seem to be just plain hanging out.  Andy, Spencer, Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlyn, McCrea, Amanda, McCrea, Judd are all hanging out and talking through the season 14.  They talk about Danielle, Jody, Britney's team, and WIlly, who Andy didn't like.  

Jeremy figures out that they have been on awhile now and someone thinks that
it has been 7 shows, (no, it has been 5) and Jeremy sings that they have fans now, singing we got fans from Texas, we got fans from Arkansas, etc until they are told not to sing.  Jeremy says that he has no musical talent and that bugs him. He says that he is trying to play the Roseanne theme song.  Andy says that he watched it, too, with his mom.

Elissa is in the house getting some protein muffins, while GinaMarie eats something and sparking cidar.  They got alcohol tonight.  They talk about the muffins that Elissa is making and she says she will never buy a protein bar again now that she knows how.  She says she is going to make moe protein muffins and she will clean the mess up.  She is making them as soon as she gets out of the diary room and she says she was just called there.  She says that she needs to put some makeup on before she goes in.  

Andy wonders why they have six cartons of silk and no milk when everyone wants milk. Howard is in the kitchen changing out the garbage bag and Aaryn is eating cheesecake that someone made.  Howard is making taco salad.  GinaMarie does not drink alcohol because she doesn't like the taste.  

{sidebar id=8} Aaryn asks for GinaMarie to join her upstairs. They head for the HOH room.  Aaryn says that her mood changes, her attitude changes every day.  Gina says that she is fabulous everyday, but what mood is she in and Aaryn replies that she is annoyed. She heads through the bathroom and says that she is going to pee while Gina complains about the lima beans she was eating.  

Aaryn tells Gina that this needs to stay between the two of them.  Kaitlyn is annoying her and Gina agrees that she doesn't take things well.  Aaryn says that she doesn't like all three of them sleeping up there and it is awkward with three of them.  She thinks that Kaitlyn and Jeremy are going to mess up her game.  GM says that the only reason Kaitlyn is with them is because of Jeremy.  She thinks that Jeremy will protect her and you can hold your own.  She says that she doesn't like people who don't have a fire in them or who don't try or who are fat.

Aaryn says that she can't get a second to talk game with Jeremy because he and Kaitlyn are are always rolling around and he just told her he loved her in the pool.  She feels that he and I and you and Nick if he wasn't being shady could take this place apart.  

Gina takes a break to complain about her hand and how she goes to the kitchen to cry alone at night because her hand hurts.  Gina gets off on her twitter stuff and how she thinks that she could get MVP if Elissa was gone.  

Gina says that she told Jeremy to remember the five million.  Aaryn says that they need to get her out of here and that will get his (Jeremy) head back into the game.

Aaryn says that if she ever goes up on the block against her, she will go home and so will you, GM.  Aaryn says that they need to figure out a way to get her out without her knowing.  She says that we were sitting perfectly and we did most of the talking and Kaitlyn f*ing tore her a* through here and Andy won't even look at me the same way anymore.  Aaryn says that Kaitlyn said that they would take anyone out who didn't vote Elissa out and that is not the way to win votes.  

They talk about Elissa and how you have to talk to her in a group.  Andy comes up and GinaMarie runs into the bathroom.  She comes out like she had been in the bathroom.  Aaryn says that she came up because she was having one of those trapped in the house moments.  Andy says that Helen and Elissa are making slop muffins.  Aaryn says that she likes Helen and she came up to her today and says that she feels like she is in the best shape of her life and she likes that.  Andy says that she is spending her time with Candice and Elissa and that hurts her.  

Andy says that he has been asking people questions about them, but they are not reciprocating and his feelings are hurt because of it.  Aaryn says she is glad to be HOH and glad to have jeremy and Kaitlyn as good friends, but it is awkward because they sleep in the bed with her and she wanted it them one night and her the next.  Aaryn says that Kaitlyn is scaring her and the way they are acting.  They want to go after Amanda and NIck and throwing GM under the bus.  Andy says that they told him that they would go after Elissa, Candice, Helen and does that put him fourth?  

Aaryn thinks that Howard and Spencer are together.  She worries about Kaitlyn and wonders about the kaitlyn thing and it might potentially ruin her game.  She says that Jeremy is making deals and not telling her.  He acts like everyone in here are potentially expendable.  Andy says that he can win HOH every week and he can't.  She doesn't want him to talk to even Helen and them, but she does like Helen.  Andy says that he has Helen's back and Helen has his back, but Elissa is not in that scenario.  Aaryn says that she feels uncomfortable and worries about Jeremy and Kaitlyn and her game.








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