The Million Second Quiz: Recap For September 12, 2013

msq leadThe Million Second Quiz
Recap For September 12, 2013

Welcome to the 4th night of the Million Second Quiz. After we left last night Andrew moved into the number one spot and Lizzie Evans moved into the 3 hole and kicked Wayne out of the winner's circle. The show has moved indoors for the night because of the thunderstorm outside.

Our first challenge from New York is Haley Jensen.

First Bout:

Picky Potamaus is one of for Marble Munchers in what game. Both get it correct with Hungry Hungry Hippos.

What is Jared from Subway's first name? They both say Fogle and are correct.

Who told an MSNBC Host to chillax before flipping the bird to an NBC Reporter the same night. Anthony Weiner was the correct answer.

What is Katy Perry's cats name. Haley is doubled too the correct answer was Kitty Purry.

Which of these countries have the fewest time zones? Both say Australia and are wrong it is China.

Who will be joining the today show as the host of their new orange room? Both say Carson Daly and are correct.

There are more than 500 of these? Both say stores in the mall of america?

Yesterday a Vatican spokesperson confirmed the pope will....start using a used car?

What is the name of the scale that measures the hotness of Chili Peppers? Both get it right.

Who was named People's most beautiful woman at age 40 this year. Both say Gweneth Paltrow.

Which US President established the peace corps? She says FDR after being doubled too. She is wrong and has to give up the money chair to Haley.

The leaderboard has Andrew in the lead followed by Brandon, Lizzy and Rishi.

After this commercial break our line jumper gets a crack at the chair.

Tonight's line jumper is from Seattle Jacob Esparza.

What is the total number of ounces in a pound? One says 16 the other says 22 16 is correct.

What popular pill resulted in an unusual side effect while testing a blood pressure med? Answer is Viagra

With sales over 10 million fruit ninja is a popular what? Video Game App is the answer.

In which Burt Reynolds movie does he not have a "stache" Deliverance is the answer

Haley is up 13-2 Going into a commercial.

Restart the bout clock.

What did Bill Clinton admit he only did twice while he was president? Haley got it right it was send an email

Kim Kardashian had been sporting what for the last week? Haley was correct D Dyed Blonde Hair 19-2.

If you had a ring put in your tragus while in Vegas what did you get pierced? Haley is right it is eaar 22-2.

Cerulean is a shade of what color. The answer was blue.

A Normal adult dog has how many permanent teeth Haley increases her lead.

Haley wins this bout handily. Al Roker from the today show is in New York to surprise the line jumper.

Lets figure out who tonight's power player is Lizzie, Lizzie sends Rishi to play Haley.

Bout 3:

In the nursery ryhme pop goes the weasel what chases the weasel around the mulberry bush. Monkey,

Which is currently a name of a current baseball player. Haley is doubled to. She is right with Coco Crisp.

NJ Governor signed a bill this week given by what nickname. Haley doubled to again and gets it Pots for Tots.

What Shakespearean character famously said "Out Damn'd Spot" Both get it correct Lady Macbeth. 5-2 is the current score in favor of Haley.

What methods does the US Postal Service use to deliver letters to the people who live at the bottom of the Grand Canyon? The answer is a mule train

What is the medical term for a baby born alone? Singleton

Before his career in congress candidate Paul Ryan did which of these things? Drove a wienermobile.

Rolling Stone answered yesterday that who would appear on its cover 26 years after last appearing there. Rishi is doubled too and says Arsenio Hall.

If someone love you a bushel and a peck hoe much are they loving you. 1 and a quarter bushels is correct. 16-11 Final Score.

Who has won the most academy awards for the best actress in a leading role. Rishi catches up to 16-15.

Who was the most searched person on Google last year? Rishi says Kate Middleton and the answer is Whitney Houston.

The very first American Zoo opened its gates in 1874. Which city is it Philadelphia. Haley eliminates Rishi. She is now up to 188,000 dollars and the third spot on winners row.

Bout 4:

They introduce the next challenger as Atiya. The first question is less than 30 years old. They both get it right as Gaga.

And that is all we see of that bout. Thank you for tuning in to an exciting night of the Million Second Quiz.

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