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Siberia: Contestant Tommy MountainSiberia Contestant


Tommy Mountain

Tommy Mountain stars as Tommy, a philanthropist from Boston, Massachusetts, in NBC’s drama series “Siberia.” Born in Gloucester, Massachusetts, Mountain took his place in the famed fishing town among legends such as the Gorton’s Fisherman, St. Peter’s Fiesta, and the tragic 1991 nor’easter dubbed the Perfect Storm.  The youngest of three with a nine-year age gap between each sibling, Mountain drank deep from the cup of attention and leniency that comes with being the baby.  He loved to draw animals, and hated to wear shoes. He attended St. Ann’s School where he excelled in science, English, and the arts.  Then he attended Gloucester High School and, although he was known for never taking home a textbook, he graduated in the top 10% of his class, with multiple Student-Athlete Awards under his belt.  His time spent in his football coach’s A.P. Biology class helped shape his future – biology became his passion and he excelled at it, and this guided him to his college career.

Mountain attended Boston’s Northeastern University initially as a biology major.  He pounced like a Bambiraptor (real dinosaur) on a course entitled Age of Dinosaurs. Thinking it an easy A course, it turned out to be anything but, and it ignited his fascination with geology.  Picking up a second major in the subject, Mountain spent the next 5 years traveling for credits.  From scaling imposing tuff cones and craggy terminal moraines in Iceland, to tagging Hawksbill Sea Turtles in Hawai’i, to working as a horseback guide in the northern mountains of Greece, he leapt on any excuse to get in the field.  In his last year of college, a friend in the modeling business suggested that he take some pictures.  Taking it as a joke at first, modeling quickly became an amusing hobby for Mountain.  He graduated from Northeastern in 2009 with a double B.S. in Biology and Environmental Geology, but modeling ignited a new craving for the limelight that he hadn’t felt since childhood.

{sidebar id=8}After college, Mountain worked for a year at Novartis Pharmaceuticals in Cambridge while modeling on the side for fun.  After walking in a number of high fashion shows including Couture Fashion Week in New York, he started to seriously consider his potential in the field.  Then he began acting in a few student films, and eventually began to focus more on show business.  No longer satisfied with working in a laboratory, he quit his job and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.  It was a big leap for him, but sexy adventure in a new part of the world had never daunted him before.  Mountain learned the ropes as he went, and luckily was blessed with close friends, in the industry and otherwise, who kept him on track like all-time leading Olympian German luger Georg Hackl.  He soon scored gigs in two L.A Fashion Week shows, and then landed a few small parts on television including Fox’s “Bones,” as well as a leading role in Bruno Aveillan’s film-styled commercial “Bump” for Desperado’s tequila-flavored beer.  His journey paid off when he met director/creator Matthew Arnold in a small room at Kerry Rock Casting for “Siberia.”  A long-awaited blessing, the friendships he made during filming were more than worth all the wait.

Aside from acting, Mountain is an avid hiker and runner with a passion for the environment and wildlife that still blossoms from his education.  Painting, horseback riding, writing obscure prose, and softball are a few of his many hobbies.  Mountain believes in his soul that if you stay true to your inner voice, seek balance, and with a little help from Serendipity, the only limit to a person’s life journey is how far they dare to chase their dreams.

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