Celebrity Wife Swap: Recap For July 28, 2013

celebrity Wife Swap july28Celebrity Wife Swap
Recap For July 28, 2013

Hello and welcome to the season finale of Celebrity Wife Swap on ABC. Tonight, Sisqo aka the Thong Song Dude and Gerardo the Rico Suave Dude wives will switch lives for one week.

We get a look at their lives…..Sisqo is very obsessive about some things, such as weight, but tries to do things 50/50 with his significant other. Gerardo has an open door policy and Bible study where anyone can come pray. His wife does EVERYTHING.

The wives move to their new homes and read the home books.

Kathy is interested in Sisqo's daughter's Shay's music, but she wishes he wouldn't push the issue.

She is surprised that he cooks, cleans and helps out around the house. She does, however, think he is uptight.

The next morning, the two of them work out. Kathy wonders why Elizabeth does it if she doesn't like it….especially when it comes to wearing the sauna suit.

The two of them go out for lunch and split food. Kathy wonders if he has OCD because how he lives his life…ie square plates, obsessed with appearance, etc.

The rule changes include lightening up, no sauna suit and eating at the dining room table. They are also going to volunteer at a community center.

Shay also is surprised with a physical therapy internship.

Sisqo cleans at the community center but is not happy with the cleaning. At the end of the day, he really is glad they did it.

They all go to Shay with her internship, which makes Sisqo proud.

At dinner, they all eat together and splurge. It is really sweet and looks like fun.
When Sisqo's girlfriend Elizabeth arrives, she is shown to the room where she is staying. The dog left poop on the floor and is expected to clean it up.

She also helps daughter Nadia pick out a photo shoot outfit. This causes a butting of heads because of the inappropriateness of the outfit.  

Elizabeth and Nadia talk, but Gerardo says they all need to follow his rules.

The next day, she makes son Jaden a waffle, but he demands eggs and then complains about them. She is unhappy about all the work she has to do and how Gerardo always walks around shirtless.

She works on getting ready for Bible study and is annoyed that she gets no help. She is even more annoyed that he complains about the food.

The rule changes include splitting chores and responsibilities, no curfew, a date night and no more open door policy.  Gerardo also has to wear a shirt.

Jaden appreciates his mom with the chores and Nadia says she hates to clean.

Gerardo and Elizabeth have a chat about the chores and he finally realizes he really does need to help out.

Gerardo tries to make waffles, which is hilarious to watch. Jaden loves it, as does Elizabeth, who is surprised with breakfast in bed.

Later that day, Gerardo and Elizabeth cook together. Everyone enjoys a nice meal.

The next day, Gerardo cooks again and Nadia has a curfew free date. Gerardo says he can deal with the new rule.

His dinner for Elizabeth is so cute. He learned how to appreciate his own wife and vows to do this with Kathy every week.

Before long, it is time for the family meeting and everyone to go back to their own homes. It seems like everyone had a very positive experience for the most part. There are some things they don't like that they are addressed, but for the most part, everyone seems to have gotten a lot out of the experience.

UPDATE: Nadia's curfew is now 11pm and he still uses a phone tracker on her. Kathy still does everything. Gerardo wishes he worn a shirt more often.

Sisqo and Elizabeth are more lenient about eating around the table and no longer calorie count or split meals. They do eat healthy though. Shay is still continuing her physical therapy dreams.

Thanks for tuning in this season to Celebrity Wife Swap. Goodnight!

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