Extreme Weight Loss: Recap For September 3, 2013

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Recap For September 3, 2013

Hello and welcome to the season finale of Extreme Weight Loss on ABC. Tonight, we will see Bob's weight loss journey. He is a decorated detective and family man whose morbid obesity might cost him everything.

Bob takes us on his journey and is picked up by Chris dressed as a cop. That man can look sexy in anything.

At his weigh in, Bob discovers he weighs 448 lbs. He meets with the nutritionist to help him prep meals and eat enough to feel satisfied. He also gets a Walmart gift card.

Chris begins to lead Bob in his exercise training when his knee pops. He makes him stop, but Bob doesn't want to. He visits the doctor, who tells him about how he has a torn ACL. He and Chris have a long talk and he says he made a promise to himself, to Chris and to his family to complete the journey.

When Bob gets home, he is surpassed with a home gym to help him work out around his injury.

His first phase goal is to lose 125 lbs. If he makes goal, he and his wife will get a special anniversary vacation.

He also wants to help his daughter lose weight, but wants to find a delicate way to do so. He tries to talk to her about it, but she just gives him an attitude.

Bob continues to work out, but ends up further injuring his knee. the doctor tells him surgery is the best option. However, Bob decides to find alternative ways to lose weight without surgery and using his knees.  This includes rowing, boxing and swimming.

At his first phase weigh in, he is down 126 lbs and weighs 322 lbs. To celebrate, Chris is sending them to Paris and having them ride in the Tour De France.

Before all that, Bob is back to work and in a smaller uniform, bullet proof vest and ready to make a major arrest. We even get to see the arrest re-enacted. His partner is very proud of him able to help make the arrest.

He continues with his workouts and diet and before long, he is in Paris. At his weigh in, he is down 62 lbs. His next goal is to lose 36 lbs. Chris tells him to get ready because they are going to do the last leg of the Tour De France together.

Bob presents his wife with special diamond earrings and goes on a boat tour with her.

During the Tour, Chris is so proud and thrilled with Bob's performance. Bob also is proud, feeling as if he can do anything at this point.

At the phase three weigh in, he is down 40 lbs and weighs 220 lbs.

Chris meets with Bob to also show him how far he has come in his journey. We also get to see an interview with him pre-show where he talks about why he wants to change.

Before long, it is time to see the new Bob. He looks amazing. At his final weigh in he is down 195 lbs and is sown 253 lbs. WOW!

Walmart surprises Bob and his family with new bikes and a $25,000 gift card.

Bob has one more challenge….to do his Fit For Duty test. He passes with flying colors and is hugged by Chris and his family at the end.

Thank you for watching this season and see you next time! Goodnight.

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