The X Factor Recap For September 11, 2013

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Recap For September 11, 2013

Hello and welcome to the season premiere of The X Factor on Fox. Tonight is the first night of auditions. Each act will be judged by Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato, Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio.  If chosen, they will be put in one of four groups, boys, girls, groups and over 25.

The first contestant to audition is Carlito Oliviero. He is a coffee shop barista who sings to his customers. I miss the name of the song, but he has a beautiful voice, youthful good looks and an animated personality.

Simon: He likes his voice, charisma and thinks he is really good. He looks like a real star.

Demi: He has a Frankie J. vibe to him.

He gets four yeses and is sent to the next round.

Next up we have fifty-five year old Sally Hessnice, who loves to sing and make people happy. She kind of just stands there smiling and Simon asks her if she is ever going to sing. She says it is a long intro, but then she belts into The Greatest Love All. She looks pretty and seems to be having fun, but I am not quite sure her voice is what the show is looking for.

Kelly: She isn't crazy about the vocals.

Demi: It is not the X Factor.

Simon: Eight thousand dogs tried to get into the venue.

Four nos and she goes home.

We get to some more rejected acts….I search my house for some booze. I come up with a bottle of wine and some vodka. I am debating which one I should open.

Finally….finally….we get to fifty-four year old Lillie McCloud, who looks at least twenty years younger. The second she opens her mouth and lets out that first note, I am captivated. WOW…..I think we met our first contender!

Paulina: That was unbelievable.

Kelly: Where has she been hiding?

Simon. Incredible. She nailed it.

Demi: She feels like she is listening to Whitney.

YES! YES! YES! YES! She is off to the next round.

There are some rejected groups….and then we get to boyfriend and girlfriend duo Alex and Sierra, who take on Toxic by Britney Spears. The most impressive thing is how they add their own twist to it, making it almost like a modern day Sonny and Cher. I really like their chemistry and how sweet they are.

Demi: Talented and down to earth.

Kelly: Beautiful.

Paulina: Love it!

Simon: Cool and an incredible version of the song.

Yesx4=next round.

Next up is the adorable Rion Page, who reminds me of a baby Taylor Swift with a rock and roll twist. Everyone is  on their feet cheering for her. Her positive energy is just contagious, I think she is going to become something amazing.

Demi: People can learn from her positive attitude.

Paulina: She is honored to be here with her.

Kelly: Everything about her is incredible.

Simon: She is extraordinary.  He compares her to Carrie Underwood and says she is going to do some special things. She is beautiful in every way.


Join us tomorrow night for the next round of X Factor auditions. Goodnight.

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