Masterchef: Recap For August 28, 2013

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Recap For August 28,  2013

Hello and welcome to Masterchef on Fox. Tonight, our five compete in another round of competition to prove they have what it takes to make it to the end. When we last left our cooks, Bri was eliminated. 

Unfortunately, my DVR decided I watch too much TV and didn't tape the first hour. As soon as I find out what happened, I will fill you all in. I can tell you the sons of the judges visit and one of them hits on Jessie. Also, Luca won the challenge, so he is given the second hour advantage.

In the second hour, Paula Deen visits and has them each cook a protein. Luca was the winner in the last challenge so he chooses what they all cook.

He chooses pork chops for himself.
Natasha gets catfish.

Jessie gets alligator. 

Krissi gets shrimp. 

James gets chicken.

Paula will help choose the winner and first member of the final four. 

As they cook, the judges make comments and wonder what Paula will think of the dishes. The four of them wander, tasting, questioning and offering some words of encouragement. 

James's chicken is not cooked all the way through. 

Luca and Krissi are both confident in their dishes.

Before long, it is time to serve the food. The judges and Paula walk around, asking the patrons how they feel about the food. James has a plate of food sent back because the chicken is still undercooked. Luca and Krissi get rave reviews. Natasha's fish is undercooked. Jessie's alligator is also decent. 

After some deliberation, we find out who made the top two dishes. 

The two winners are Luca and Jessie!  They are given a champagne toast. 

James, Krissi and Natasha are given a challenge that will determine who will join Luca and Jessie in the top four. 

The twist? The dishes they cook will be chosen by Luca and Jessie. 

They will have to cook a signature dish from each of their restaurants.

Chef Ramsay has a seared scallop salad.

Joe Bastainich has a fillet rossini.


Graham Elliott has a Greek yogurt panna cotta. 

Natasha will cook the appetizer.

Krissi has the fillet rossini.

James gets the panna cotta. 

Everyone feels as if they are out of their comfort zone. They have 45 minutes to cook. Krissi and James seem to be struggling. Natasha is rushing. 


Natasha's dish is a mess visually, but cooked beautifully. Not perfect, but a bloody good effort. 


Krissi's dish is more medium than medium rare, but delicious. 


James's dessert is good, but not set into a panna cotta. 



The judges deliberate and decide to send James home. I just want to give him a hug.


Chef Ramsay tells him to get married and continue to follow his dream. 


James predicts Luca will win. 


Join us next week for the final four competition for Masterchef. Goodnight. 

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