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marriage-boot-camp-bridezillasMarriage Boot Camp Bridezillas

Melissa and Chris

 Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas is WeTV's latest guilty pleasure. To celebrate the show's success, TVGrapevine recently caught up with show stars Melissa and Chris to find out what really went on during the show and on Bridezillas, where they were first discovered.

 Tell me about yourself?
Melissa: My name is Melissa I am 26 years old, an entrepreneur currently working on my cookbook & event planning services. I have 2 children Sebastian 7, Alexander 2 and married to my husband Chris. I embrace my flaws, I’m outspoken and outgoing and I don’t compare or compete with others. I am just different and that’s what makes me beautiful and who I am.  I don’t let crowd standards define who I am. Yes I am a party girl but my thing is, “If you obey all the rules you’ll miss all the fun in life.”
Chris: My name is Chris, I’m 37 years old and I currently live in Palm Coast Florida. Originally I am from the Jersey Shore, where all my family is and will always consider my true home. Currently I am an Entrepreneur. I myself have 3 children, Sebastian 14yrs old from previous relationship, Sebastian (yes both have same name) 7 yrs old is my stepson, and Alexander who is about to be two years old this October, which is the baby we had together. At this point in my life I am like, I’ve been there done that. So I understand the circumstances and repercussions, which causes me to seem a little more Homely then my party girl wife. I much rather be with my children enjoying the day, then recovering from a hang-over cause I hung out all night at the club. So with that being said, I have not missed all the fun in my life, I have just changed my idea of what is fun.
  Why did you decide to be on Bridezillas?
Melissa: I had never heard of the show, when Chris and I were engaged he had mentioned “Melissa you are going to be a Bridezilla aren’t you?” I was like what are you talking about? We watched the show and I laughed. I feel in love with the show. I thought this is totally going to be me on our wedding day for sure.
Chris: It was a joke at first, I submitted her online and they jumped right away to get her on after the first phone call from the directors.
What was it like having your wedding journey televised?
Melissa: It was stressful, hectic, and nuts! It’s completely normal for a bride to get crazy the week leading up to her wedding. If she doesn’t it’s either because she’s been married like 3 times or has the “whatever been there done that” attitude, or the bride that is eloping.
Chris: Although it was normal to be crazy the weeks before the wedding, it was added stress for the wedding, with interviews and worrying about how we would be portrayed on the show. I have seen every season; I did it as a joke, so I was not thrilled to be on the show where we saw so many come out in divorce. Luckily we had an amazing crew, and the season 7 where we came on they had made a lot of changes in how they do things. They wanted it to be a lot more real and I was surprisingly shocked that I was in almost every scene, unlike past seasons where you barley saw the groom up until the wedding day or quick little things prior. But mostly focusing on the bride and her destroying her bridal party.
Do you have any regrets about the experience?
Melissa: I don’t have any regrets about my Bridezilla experience. I had a great time, my wedding was amazing and everyone had a blast.
Chris: No regrets, I enjoyed the experience. Not everyone can say they actually have done something like this. Everyone including the crew had a great time.
What was the most standout moment of thee experience?
Melissa: The most standout moment for me was with my cake lady. I was so worried that the colors on my cake were going to bleed I said if the colors on my cake bleed I am go back to the bakery to get her bring her to the reception and I would feed her to the guests. Hahaha I still laugh at that.
Chris: Most standout for me was the fact I worked days on those shoes and they got trashed running through the grass. Ha-ha they were really cool.
Would you have done anything differently? Why/Why not
Melissa: YES, I would have focused more attention on my florist instead of my bakery. My cake was everything I wanted she did an amazing job it was so beautiful. My flowers on the other hand, OMG! They were horrible maybe the ugliest flowers I have ever seen. I was so angry about the way they turned out. And NO I would not change my drinking at my wedding, we paid for all that alcohol and I was more than happy to drink it on my wedding day thank you. I will remain a Boozezilla!
Chris: The flower shop definitely, I paid a lot of money for those flowers and it was garbage, but more so I think I would have tried to relax and enjoy the wedding a little more, It all went by so fast.
How do you feel about the way you were portrayed on the show?
Melissa: I was portrayed as a mean girl who got wasted at her wedding. It is what it is.
Chris: I got portrayed as a Thong wearing little bitch that lets his new wife trash him. It is what it is, I was in some ways a push over, but I've learned over the years to be more of a cushion for conflict. Something has to give in an argument and majority of the time with Melissa, it’s usually me.

Why did you do Boot Camp?
Melissa: Chris and I thought the boot camp couldn’t hurt our marriage, only make it better. We were already having issues after only 3 years, so we were very open to the idea.
Chris: We thought the boot camp was a good way to get outside the box therapy and tactics to help us out with a few issues that were causing us to be in a rocky state after the birth of our child. We sure as hell did not know it was like an actual boot camp where we get to shoot people and run through drills that would cause anyone to cry.
Why do you want your life televised in this manner?
Melissa: I don’t really look at it like that. I saw it as an opportunity; these are professionals on helping couples work out problematic marriages. I am not a person who cares what people think of me, viewers can judge me any which way they see fit I will not loose sleep over it.
Chris: I am in agreement with Melissa, Being on TV was not something I looked forward to, but working with counselors of this capacity that have saved marriages with far worse issues was an opportunity that at the time we thought was very hard to achieve.
What is it like interacting with the other couples?
Melissa: It was difficult to get along with these couples. They are nuts! Kirsten is so far off the reservation there is no saving her and Seth is just stupid. I just felt bad for Porsha she seemed to really believe her husband was fooling her and turned out he was. Remy is a spoiled brat just as she says herself she only cares about her self and I already feel bad for there children if they ever have any. Danni I love!!!! She is a great person; we hit it off immediately when we met at the house. Danni Marlon Chris and I branched off into our own click on and off camera. We were the normal couples.
Chris: It was a lot easier for me to get along with all the couples. I deal with a Bridezilla on a daily basis, along with the children and responsibilities, I actually saw it more as a vacation and these are people I am sharing an experience with, Even if I didn’t agree with them for their reasons of being there, I was going to be the normal social butterfly and just try to make the best of it. Kirsten was a lot to handle in the house for all the girls, I for the most part got along with all and tried not to let anyone’s issues affect my reasoning for being there. Porsha was cool, but I think she got buyers remorse; both those girls I felt were not there truly to save their marriages but more so jumpstart their acting careers. Remy was a sweetheart, She actually is a lot like Melissa but just to another level with the selfish spending. I enjoyed conversations with her in the house and listened to her opinions. Danni is my second wife in the house; we actually are a lot in the same, that part where she says opposites attract. Melissa and I are kind of the same. We hit it off with them from the start and continue to have a relationship with them. As for all the husbands... we all did get along and really never got into arguments with each other, more like back each other up against the zillas. Although Rob did refer to me as a mangina, I still love the guy.

Have you bonded with any of them and do you stay in touch?
Melissa: Yes, Danni and Marlon have become great friends of ours. We talk on the phone daily and visit each other frequently. We refer to ourselves as Salt & pepper
Chris: Love Salt n Pepper. We tried to stay in touch with some of the others, but some tried to drag me into social network bashing and I had to block them.
What have you learned about yourself during this experience?
Melissa: I have learned I have no filter. I have a very outspoken personality and you will either love me or hate me, the choice is yours but I will not be fake or lie to you when you ask me anything. Sometimes the truth hurts and I will not sugar coat it for you take it for what its worth. I guess I am a little bit of a mean girl but at least I own up to it.
Chris: I have learned that I need to find that in between of being a doormat/victim and being a total argumental ass. I loved getting techniques and ideas to help me understand why I was that way. I was considered a wimp in the house in the beginning; I left the house in a much stronger state of mind.
Do you have any regrets about Boot Camp?
Melissa: No, I still would have not gotten in the coffin; I stand by my choice...
Chris: Only regret I had was I felt it was to short, I truly wanted to do more and keep learning on how to better myself to help our relationship.
If you had to do one thing over in either experience, what would it be and why?
Melissa: I would have punched Kirsten in the face when I had he chance. That girl needs a cold hard slap of reality. She is so fake I don’t know if she knows the difference between reality and real life.
Chris: I would have sat somewhere better during evaluations, because it seemed to always deal with fake drama from Kirsten or Porsha and that took away from us. We were always last. So either it was a quick not so nice evaluation or no evaluation at all due to being forgotten when the counselors got sidetracked.
What would people be surprised to know about you?
Melissa: That this mean girl does have a sensitive side and compassion in here.
Chris: For the people that only know me from TV, you would not know that I have led a very crazy life. Years of being a social butterfly, all my friends growing up knew me as very outgoing and nuts. But my wife and America has seen the more relaxed family oriented me.

Any last words for America?
Melissa: If your marriage is in jeopardy this boot camp can save it. Everyone has problems, everyone is different. Judge me all you want. You couldn’t walk a mile in my shoes because lets be honest; my shoes are FABULOUS and I never lend them out.

Chris: This Boot camp is not for everyone, but can save anyone. You just need to keep in mind that some days you’re the Cat, and some days you the cats litter.

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