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Recap For June 13, 2013

Last week on Hell’s Kitchen, Ramsay gave the Chef’s two challenges: a taste test, which the women narrowly won, and an individual challenge to cook him whatever they wanted. Right now, Jon is on the hot seat, but Cyndi could beat him. It’s fish vs fish, Mahi Mahi vs Halibut. The winner is … JON! Finally, a man has beaten a woman in a challenge! Now he will be immune this round, regardless of how the service turns out.

In the dorm, Zach is bitching again, saying he did it right, but I think he’s just full of crap. The size of the filets was pathetic, so he didn’t deserve to win at all.

When they go down to prepare to cook. Everyone is trying to fire themselves up, but Zach is suffering emotionally. I think he hasn’t gotten over his failure or his lack of understanding as to WHY he failed.

The women are splitting up the tasks evenly, but with Zach MIA, Anthony and Jon have to do all the work on their own. In anxiety, Jon drops something, then a fire breaks out. Something is burning the Hell out of the men’s kitchen.

It’s one hour till the doors open, but the men’s kitchen is going up in smoke, and with Zach on an emotional sabbatical. Zach comes down and sounds like this happened because he wasn’t there, and he’s right! It wouldn’t have happened if he wasn’t such a puss!

There will be some special guests tonight and the pressure is on to make it the best service ever!

Maria Menounos arrives. Nice!! Ramsay is yelling at Mary to keep her tongue in her mouth while she works. You’re not a cat, Mary, so come on! With Jon and Anthony on appetizers and fish, things are already going well. The scallops are perfect, and the first appetizer order goes out flawlessly!

The women are handling it well, until Cyndi falls behind and drags back the team with her, but they adjust and improve.

Before long, however, unseasoned risotto comes out. Jon may be safe, but everyone things he’s copping out – I don’t agree.

Jeremy Sisto, the women’s VIP is waiting for a top-notch meal, but the women are not delivering. Jeremy and his guest are laughing as Ramsay yelled at them – I heard one of them say he will need therapy after this. DAMN! Finally, the chef’s table’s appetizers start coming out well.

The men, however, are not stepping up. They’ve got the numbers wrong on the lobster tails, and no long after, the lobster turns out overcooked, like bubblegum in your mouth instead of like butter. Finally, Anthony bounces back and the appetizers are done in both kitchens and it’s full speed ahead on dinner.

Zach and Anthony are communicating, but all of a sudden, something Anthony does has things in confusion. The women are doing okay, but they need to keep things going. I don’t think they’re going to pull it off if Susan’s lamb turns out raw again. Fingers crossed and … it’s perfectly cooked! Congrats, Susan.

The blue team is still doing poorly, but Zach’s lamb makes it out perfectly! Well done, Zach – way to bounce back for once.

Suddenly, Ja’nel cuts herself badly, and Ramsay calls a medic for her. The bleeding is bad – I’m worried about her.

Anthony’s halibut comes out raw! Damn, dude. You are the weak link here! You blame Jon for not taking it seriously, and your stuff comes out raw, cooked, raw, cooked, then raw again! What the Hell?!

It’s 90 minutes into dinner service, and Anthony is being taken back for 1-on-1 time with Ramsay, and the walls are SHAKING from Ramsay’s shouting.

Finally, Ja’nel is back and trying to pick up where she left off. She’s going a little slower, but hey, if I’d cut my finger like she did, I wouldn’t be able to continue at all. The garnish comes out badly. Ja’nel is feeling bad, but the garnish for the VIP table comes out great. Anthony’s halibut comes out great, and he’s on cloud nine, but Zach raw beef stops everything. If it’s not one, it’s another. COME ON, ZACH! He has to wait 20 minutes for his Wellington’s. Ramsay does something he almost never does – he takes extra perfectly cooked Wellington’s from the women and sends them out. The dinners are happy, but all of a sudden, Susan starts fraternizing with Jeremy. WHAT THE F*CK?!

All the red team’s customers are eating, but two tables are still waiting for the blue team’s food. Zach is so behind, he’s the hare in the race with the tortoise. Ramsay is raving and at him and his inability to cook efficiently. He’s threatening to toss him out and take his jacket. Go ahead! He should have been gone weeks ago anyway!

It’s 2.5 hours into the service, and Zach’s sluggish cooking and excuses have got Ramsay running up all the walls at the same time! He finally decides to take over the cooking himself, taking over Zach’s station. Zach tries to pick up the pieces, but Ramsay keeps telling him to shut up, and he doesn’t! If you’re upset about it, Zach, then don’t cry about it, and F*CKING FIX YOURSELF!!!

Needless to say, the red team wins, and the blue team will lose another member and have to take another woman into their team. It’s time for the women to decide who will be leaving their team and for Jon to decide who to throw out like rotten meat. Zach claims he’s getting stronger in there, but I think he’s just trying to avoid taking responsibility. Don’t fall for it, Jon!

Ja’nel seems to be eager to join the men and help them. Susan supports her, but Cyndi knows how it is – joining them is like going into a black hole; you never come back!

It doesn’t look like Jon is going to make a good decision – he’s trying to look at it fairly, but he’s disregarding the fact that only one of those two had to be replaced by Ramsay himself during dinner, not both.

It’s time to make his choice, so Jon puts up … both?

Anthony and Zach have to defend themselves against Ramsay’s decision. A losing battle, big time, especially for Zach – he sugar-coats everything and avoids responsibility at every opportunity.

The one to leave is … Anthony. WHAT?! Zach is save again?! What the F*CK?! Ramsay, you’re making a mistake. Anthony has a more positive attitude than Zach and did not deserve to leave.

Ramsay calls Zach over and tells him to get back in line, but he’ll be watching him like a hawk. He asks Susan to reveal their pick, and just as Ja’nel volunteered, she sends her to receive a blue jacket and go over to the men’s team.

With her on their team, the blue team will be like a freight train without brakes, according to Jon. In my eyes, that is both a good thing and a bad thing. Anyone who watched Thomas & Friends years ago would know that a freight train without breaks always wrecks!

Next time, there seems to be trouble. Is Ja’nel the problem? Is it a conspiracy to drag the men down? Is someone going to get hurt?! I can’t wait to find out next week!!!


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