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Mad Men

Recap For June 16, 2013


I find it a bit hard to sum up tonight’s episode of Mad Men, it was indeed entertaining but the more I think about the episode I feel the more and more the writers do not know what to do with Don. Don in my opinion is at his best a deeply flawed man but a man who judges people based on their character not where they stand socially and man who quite frankly cut through the bs.

He demanded the best of the people around him and he lived his work because that was the only true place he felt successful and more importantly in control. In earlier Don would do things you disagree with and at times you would truly hate but they all seemed to make sense with Don’s past or where he was at in a particular season.


This season though seems to be dead set on showing the complete destruction of Don Draper and I don’t quite understand why. It seems that as the cool esthetics of the early 1960’s decays into the disposable garbage of the 1970’s we are also seeing Don Decay. Untimely if that is the point of the show why do the 5 seasons depicting Don trying and at times failing to be good to do right only to turn him into a worse man then the man we were introduced too?


Tonight’s started with my personal favorite Charter Ken Cosgrove getting literally shot in the face by the Chevrolet, thankfully not killing him but this is the last straw for Ken and he wants out of Chevy. Ken a good guy wants time with his family and his life back, While Pete wants nothing more than the prestige of Chevy and to get away from the shambles that his personal life has become.

Don is becoming more of a wreck drinking more and the only time Don seems to get it together now to stick it to Ted Chough and Peggy. Seriously I don’t think we have actually seen Don work actually work more than 2 times this season and that’s a bit odd for a man who was once defined by his work, Don seemed like a Mad Ave. wiz that everyone wanted to work with or bed now we are lucky if he is in the office. This episode shows Don continuing his ongoing fight with Ted, a fight Ted doesn’t want. All of this petty stuff just makes Don seem so small and petty and makes for Don to be a much less consistent Character. While Peggy dose at times annoy the hell outta me it was so much more interesting when Don was right when he clashed with her. I miss that I miss so much of the dynamics of what made the Mad Men I loved so much work.


After Sally walked in on her father in last episode we find now she doesn’t want to go back to dear old dads’ house and she in fact she wants to go to boarding school. Betty being well Betty seems to take delight in the fact that Sally wants nothing to do with Don. So Sally goes to spend a night at a New York boarding school and to the delight of my friend Brian Glenn Bishop makes his triumphant to mad men. He saves Sally but gets with another girl…poor sally literally nothing ever works out for this girl. Her family is a mess, her friends are awful and Glenn made out with one of them. So boarding school was not the safe harbor she hoped it would be.


Tonight we were also given a back story on the shows new enigmatic characters Bob Benson. Bob has for some reason been the subject of internet roomers since the first episode. He has been thought to be everything from a secret agent to Don’s long lost son. Thankfully he was none of those things but still his back story is disappointing and begs the question do we need two


Characters with two secret back stories. Why couldn’t Bob just be a climber a bit of a smarmy dick who was trying to climb the ladder ala a young Pete Campbell?
It seems like the writers are pulling stories from Megan Drapers soap opera instead of sticking with the great stories and Characters of the past 5 season of the show. I knew it was going to be tough for me to see the swinging rat pack 60’s morph in the psychedelic late 1960’s but I am handling that better than I thought I would. It’s the story lines that are the biggest disappointment this season. I hope this ship can be saved and the season finally will be more like Mad Men of old. This show is still one of the best shows on TV but if this truly the end of the penultimate season I want so much more from a show that consistently set the bar so high instead of limping its way to the finish line. Fingers crossed I remain a hopeful and loyal fan.

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