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trump april28All Star Celebrity Apprentice
Recap For May 5th, 2013

By Sammi-T

Hello and welcome to All Star Celebrity Apprentice on NBC. We are at the final three episodes and only have five celebrities remaining before the first All Star Celebrity Apprentice is crowned.
I will be honest, this is going to be a quick one because it is my best friend's birthday (Happy birthday Karolina!) and we are celebrating tonight.

Lil' Jon gives his $40,000 check to the American Diabetes Association. Seeing how much the charity means to him melts my heart.

Mr. Trump, John Rich and Don Jr. are on hand to discuss the next task. Joining them are the Barclay Center executives. The teams must design a Foxwoods themed suite and host a party. As always, it will be judged by our executives and the winning team will get $100,000. The other team will have someone get fired.

Lisa is Plan B's PM.

Marilu is Power's PM.

Plan B:
Lisa and Penn work well together with her planning the party and having an eye for detail and him having great connections. He calls in friends Teller and former CA cast member Lisa Lampanelli to help out.

However, due to the weather, Teller might not be able to attend. Fingers crossed that they are able to make it work out! Lisa offers to play Teller if he can't make it. I have no clue how that will work out, but if it helps them win, then more power to them.

However, Teller is able to make it after all! YAY! I love watching him and Penn together, they always do such a great job together and really have talent like no other.

Marilu shoots down all of Lil' Jon's ideas and seems very annoyed at him and Trace, who is just as annoyed with her. He dubs her the Mayor Of Stress Town and says that she is 'super crazy, anal and all over the place and also talks a mile a minute.' He does secure them Hunter Hayes, which makes me happy because Hunter is awesome and talented. They also have Countess Louann of Real Housewives fame, which adds an interesting dynamic.  They also wanted Dolly Parton, but it didn't work out.

Lil' Jon is unable to get the equipment needed in time for preparation, which causes more problems for the team.  I kind of feel bad for him, he is here doing the best he can and either his ideas are being shot down or things simply aren't working out for him. Poor guy.

After both teams have their parties, it is time to go to the boardroom.  Each team gives the pros and cons of their teammates, what they think worked out and what didn't. Marilu seems to want to place all of the blame on Trace, which causes problems between the two of them. She also seems to be fighting a lot with Lil' Jon.

After more back and forth and everyone sharing the pros and cons of each suite design and party, it is announced that Plan B wins, giving Lisa' s charity (St. Jude's) $100,000! Congrats to them.

Someone will  now be fired from Power. There is more back and forth over everything that went on with Marilu defending herself. She wants Trace fired and thinks he really hasn't been with it or playing the game for weeks.

However, in the end, it is Marilu who is fired. I am not surprised, she really seemed to drop the ball on this one. Look out for our exit interview with her later this week.

Join us next week for the final four. Goodnight.

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