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bbtThe Big Bang Theory

Recap For April 25, 2013


By Karyn


You know that feeling when you find a TV show that you really love and really get into and can’t wait to watch again? Then suddenly it gets cancelled, and you are forever left wondering what would have happened next? Well take that feeling and multiply it by a thousand and you’ll be close to Sheldon’s reaction when his favorite show was cancelled.

While checking the DVR one day to see what space was available, he discovers that Penny has been recording her own stuff on it as usual. After much back and forth Leonard, in defense of Penny, suggests that Sheldon delete some of the Alphas episodes he has saved that he’s already watched. Sheldon explains that he wants to rewatch them prior to the third season because of the season two finale cliffhanger. That’s when Leonard drops the bomb.

Alphas got canned.

Sheldon behaves like Sheldon and immediately overreacts, his need to know what would happen next overwhelming him. Quickly he decides his best course of action is to call the SyFy station to complain. While Penny is alarmed, Leonard is unmoved and points out that if the station didn’t want to get yelled at by nerds, they shouldn’t have created the station in the first place.

Meanwhile Howard is helping Raj out by installing a high tech security camera in his apartment. All so he can keep an eye on his dog when he’s away. Raj is overcome with glee at being able to see what his baby does all day while he’s not there, a glee Howard doesn’t understand in the slightest.

While Howard is installing the camera, Raj mentions that he has stumbled upon Lucy’s private blog on the Internet. At first he is horrified about her entry talking about a date she had with a Roger, who is also Indian and an astrophysicist. Howard has to calmly explain that it’s the Internet; people change names. Pacified, Raj feels guilty about possibly reading it as it is her private thoughts and frankly, if she had wanted him to know about it, she would have told him. Howard disagrees and thinks he should read it. But Raj decides against it, which is a good idea.

Back in the boys apartment, Sheldon has been busy burning up the phone lines to SyFy and has finally resorted to pretending to be the manager and telling them to put it back on the air. Not surprisingly, he gets hung up on a lot. Amy suggests that physical contact would be a great way to help him relieve his stress and upset over the situation. Sheldon informs her that he doesn’t want to go to Texas to see his mother.

Letting the comment slide, Amy puts it forward that perhaps Sheldon has a problem with things not ending. More to the point, he has a pathological need for closure. She suggests that she can help him to retrain his neuro-pathways in order to curb the problem. Not surprisingly, Sheldon refuses to admit he has a problem, even after she proves it to him.

In less surprisingly, Raj has been unable to stop himself and has read Lucy’s blog. He is concerned over the fact that she wrote that she thought he was feminine when they first met. He wants to discuss it with her, but Howard, ever the ladies man, feels Raj should use the information to his benefit to ‘get in her pants’. Raj, feels he should use it as the key to her heart. Advice he got from ladies man Sir Elton John. The boy is clueless.

Leonard, gripped by inspiration, excitedly tells Penny that he thinks they should watch the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer together as he thinks it’s perfect for them. Penny is less than enthused, considering it’s 6 in the morning, and slams the door in his face. But later she sits down with him and watches the first episode. He is beyond ecstatic when it ends, clearly gripped by the storyline and excited to share it with his girlfriend. Penny on the other hand, is nonchalant, thinking the show to be cute, and that it sorta reminds her of high school, but nothing special. Deflated, Leonard can’t understand why she isn’t into it as much as he is. She manages to calm him down and promises to watch more with him. But when she is with Bernadette later, she admits that she can’t understand how Leonard gets so passionate about TV shows and comic books and things like that when she has no real passions of her own. Bernadette suggests that she just needs to take some time and find something that excites her.

Meanwhile, Amy has convinced Sheldon to participate in a variety of exercises to help control his compulsive need for closure. She plans to condition his brain so that his need for completion on everything isn’t so overwhelming for him. She starts by drawing a tic tac toe board and playing it with him up until the point where he’s about to win, when she suddenly erases it. Unable to finish the game and claim his victory, Sheldon starts to get twitchy. He declares that she has no idea what he is going through. That she doesn’t know what it’s like to be so completely frustrated and in such a desperate need for release. Amy just gapes at him for a moment, clearly remembering his rebuff earlier when she offered physical comfort and tells him that it must be a drag. The conditioning continues, with Amy refusing to let Sheldon to finish songs, games or even blow out all the candles on a cake. Sheldon is clearly not having a good time.

Raj, still upset at being labeled feminine, decides to wear a hockey jersey and turn all macho when Lucy comes over for their date. Overdoing it on the butch, he manages to completely alienate her over the evening until she finally has had enough. She can’t understand why his behaviour has changed so much and decides to leave. Worried about losing her, he admits that he found her blog after several hours of extensive online searching and didn’t want her to see him as feminine. Surprised that he found her blog at all, and evidently not even remotely creeped out, she tells him that she liked his feminine side, that it wasn’t a bad thing. Realizing his mistake he apologizes and promises to go back to normal and saves the evening. I still have hope for this couple!

After a lot of consideration Penny tells Leonard over dinner that she finally figured out what she is passionate about. Him! She is so happy with her life as it is at this moment, with her friends and her wonderful boyfriend that she doesn’t need to find anything else to be enthusiastic over. She even tells Sheldon later that she’s happy he’s in her life and in a brief moment of glee, Sheldon admits he loves her too! It is a sweet moment for Penny, as usually it’s Leonard who is the one gushing over her, but the tables were turned. I still hope to see a wedding with these two in the future!

Finally, after what must have been many excruciating hours for Sheldon, he finally has Amy convinced that he is cured. He even tricks her at the door by pretending he doesn’t need to complete his parting comment to her and she leaves feeling quite proud of her accomplishment. But the moment she is gone Sheldon is busy finishing every single thing she wouldn’t let him do all day until he finally collapses on the floor in palpable relief. Clearly he needs some more work.

In our final scene, Sheldon is on the phone with the creator of Alphas, going about a different route to find out what was going to happen next after the season finale cliffhanger. But when he finds out, he bluntly informs the poor person that the ideas stink and no wonder he got cancelled. But at least he got his conclusion, unlike poor Amy.

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