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Recap For May 1, 2013

By Sammi-T

Hello and welcome to American Idol on Fox. Tonight, our top four girls will sing for a chance in the top three. Since there was no elimination last week, the votes from tonight and last week will be combined and the girl with the lowest combined scores will leave tomorrow night.

Tonight's mentor is Harry Conick Jr. The theme is 2013 and standards.


Round 1: 2013

Angie Miller
Song: Diamonds by Rhianna
Commentary: I enjoyed it, but something seemed off tonight. I don't know if it was the song choice, but although she sang well and played the piano like nobody's business, I really wasn't feeling it tonight.
Keith: He doesn't care for the change in arrangement and offers ways for her to make it better.
Nicki: This was different than her other performances. It was bland and lackluster.
Randy: A good song, but it doesn't really support a change in arrangement.
Mariah: She played to the camera more than usual this time. However, she seemed to do a good job.

Amber Holcomb
Song: Try To Love Again by Pink
Commentary:  She always has such emotion when she sings. Tonight though, it was very obvious that she was nervous, but she did her best to make this performance as strong and emotional as possible.
Nicki: She felt like sometimes she was in and sometimes she was out. She needs to bring back that girl into the performances.
Randy: Something seems different tonight. He isn't feeling it.
Mariah: We need confident Amber back.
Keith: He loves the clarity in her voice and that makes it fantastic.

Candice Glover
Song: When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars
Commentary: So far, this was the performance of the night for me. She had the diva attitude, the passion, the emotion and the vocals to prove she is in it to win it.
Randy: This is how you do it! It was amazing.
Mariah: She agrees that she can make any song to suit her.
Keith: She can sing anything and it was a winning performance.
Nicki: It deserves a standing ovation.

Kree Harrison
Song: See You Again by Carrie Underwood
Commentary: She does a good job and really seems to have the emotion in her voice this week. She is really coming into her own and doesn't seem to be trying too hard to impress, she is herself, plain and simple.
Mariah: She really felt her and says she is authentic.
Keith: He feels a bit disconnected and there is a conflict with the performance. He does, however, think her voice is flawless.
Nicki: She loved it and she sang with her eyes.
Randy: She has an amazing voice with a great vocal.


Harry tells her how great she was.


Round 2

Angie Miller
Song: Somebody To Watch Over Me
Commentary: WOW. WOW. I am in awe. Just when I think she can't get any better, she goes and performs like this. I love every moment of it and it is obvious what this song means to her.
Keith: She sang it so beautifully.
Nicki: She can see her on Broadway and singing as a Disney princess.
Randy: He loved the beginning, but not the middle….however, she can sing anything and keep him engaged.
Mariah: The song has a special meaning to her as well. She can't get past the piano and says not every moment has to be on top of the register.

Amber Holcomb
Song: My Funny Valentine
Commentary: With performances like this, she can win the competition and beat out the Kellys and Carries before her by being a legendary Idol. Holy cow…she is amazing. I have no words….wow.
Nicki: It was so beautiful. Great job and she needs to believe in herself.
Randy: It was stellar.
Mariah: Thank you for going back to this song.
Keith: Stellar and has the confidence in it!

Candice Glover
Song:  You've Changed
Commentary: Holy cow…divalicious. I say it every week, but it is so true….she is the next Aretha, the next Diana, the next Whitney all rolled into one. She is in it to win it, but even if she doesn't win the show, she has a huge career ahead of her.
Randy: It was stellar and amazing.
Mariah: There is no critiquing….just download this song America!
Keith: It was a really great performance.
Nicki: There is nothing left for her to say

Kree Harrison
Song: Stormy Weather
Commentary: What a way to end the night. This is by far her best performance since her audition. She is in the top three or my name isn't Sammi-T.
Mariah: It was clear as a bell and beautiful.
Keith: He would have chosen a different song, but don't ever lose her instincts and natural way of singing, just feel it.
Nicki: She wishes she would have focused on making this a memorable performance.
Randy: Always stick to who you are.


After an incredible group performance, we get a recap of performances and a reminder to vote.


Tune into American Idol tomorrow night for our results show. Goodnight.









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