Hello, and welcome to Girl Meets World on Disney Channel. We open with the kids in Art Class and Farkle being an art model--fully clothed. The teacher tells them that this is what they need to get used to drawing.

Riley wants to draw Lucas, but the teacher says nobody really looks like that. 

Everyone works on their drawings, which leads to a conversation between Riley and Lucas--in French. More specifically, Lucas speaks French, Riley is lost. Her artwork also isn't what the teacher is looking for. She does, however, like Riley's top.

The teacher looks at Maya's work and wants to display it in a school art gallery. Maya says no, but the teacher wants her to think about it.

Farkle goes to gym class. 

That night, Riley tells Topanga and Auggie about her day. She feels inferior because everyone has a talent except her. Even Auggie can speak French. Topanga tells him he will do good things and that Riley is wearing a cute top. 

Cory focuses on eating his mashed potatoes. 

Riley wants to work on a talent, so Cory tells her about his knack for close up magic. He and Auggie do a magic trick, which somehow makes Riley feel worse. 

Riley wants to know if Topanga has a talent--and it turns out her hips don't lie. She does a fun, silly dance and Riley still doesn't feel better.

The next day is Career Day. Topanga visits the school to talk to Riley and Maya's class. She talks about her career when there is a knock at the door.

MINKUS!!! IT'S MINKUS!!! HE IS  FARKLE'S DADDY!!!  Lucas realizes Farkle's name is Farkle Minkus.

Minkus runs Minkus International and has a helicopter. The competition between Minkus and Topanga is still going on--particularly when it comes to A's. 

Maya says she hates Career Day. Her mom said she was going to show up, but doesn't. Riley takes her hand and brings her to the front of the class. Minkus asks Farkle if these are the girls that are chasing him. The girls say yes and Maya says that they hope one of them is lucky enough to marry him, become Mrs. Minkus  and have a lot of baby Minki. I nearly die laughing because Maya has such a straight face during the whole exchange. 

That afternoon, Riley wants to know why she won't do the art show. Maya doesn't want to expect anything good to happen. Riley argues with her, but Maya wants her to let it go. 

The next day, Cory is teaching a lesson when Maya's mom shows up and tells some dramatic story about delivering her own baby. Poor Maya is ready to crawl under a desk. Turns out she is an actress--and a terrible one at that. More accurately, she is a wannabe actress who is really a waitress. 

 {sidebar id=8}Riley and Maya thank her for showing up, but it is obvious Maya is embarrassed and upset. She leaves all upset.  Riley talks to her and makes Maya's mom promise to go to the art show. 

At art class, the teacher thanks Maya for changing her mind about being in the art show. Maya realizes that Riley set this up and they get into a paint fight. They teacher tells Riley it is her most authentic artwork and makes her clean it up. Riley tells Maya she invited her mom….and pours paint on her head.

At the art show, Maya's mom didn't show…..but Riley, Lucas, Farkle and the Matthews family show up. Riley hunts down Maya's mom and lectures her about going to her and not letting Maya down. 

Maya's mom says she wants better for her daughter, which is why she is the way she is.

Back at the school, Cory and Topanga are still there with Maya. Riley returns and Maya thanks her for everything and making her realize she would be there. They share a tuna melt from Maya's mom.

The show ends with everyone--including Farkle and Minkus--back at the Matthews house for dessert. Cory says he is giving Maya an A, which makes Minkus mad.

Auggie wonders what his talent is and Topanga tells him he will find it. He sings opera and everyone cheers!

Join us next week for more Girl Meets World. Goodnight. 

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