Hello, and welcome to Girl Meets World on Disney. Tonight, we go on more adventures with Riley and Maya. By the way, congratulations to the cast on getting a second season!

We open with Riley and Maya waiting to see if they will be invited to the seventh grade party. Riley freaks out and wonders what will happen when Maya becomes popular and she marries Anthony DelVecchio and buys things in bulk.

It turns out RILEY is invited and Maya is not…..remember when this happened on Boy Meets World with Cory and Shawn? Who thinks this is going to be another geek party situation?

Riley runs to share the news with Cory, who says he didn't get invited to many parties. He says Riley can't go because it is a boy-girl party. Maya defends her and Cory says that Riley can't go to a party that Maya is invited to. Maya says she was not invited, so Cory lets Riley go. 

This, of course leads to a lesson about being careful what you wish for and relating it to events in history. Of course, it is a parallel to the Riley/Maya situation.

Topanga takes Auggie to his favorite muffin place.  Topanga wants to go somewhere else because the lady looks busy, but Auggie insists they stay. Mrs. Svorski (played by Cloris Leachman) gives Auggie his treat and talks about how her shop is in danger of being shut down. Auggie says 'mommy' is a lawyer and says she can help. Topanga argues that it is not up to her to take the case, but Auggie insists she can help. 

Cory and Maya take Riley to the party…which is, as predicted, a geek party. Cory is way too happy about this, as is Maya. 

Riley, as predicted, freaks out. The guys fawn over her and want her to be their queen. Farkle says they love her and is one of them.

The next day, Maya grabs Farkle and wonders where Riley is. She shows up in a rainboww-y wig and mismatched clothes and says she is channeling her inner nerdy geek. 

Cory freaks out about his daughter going crazy and asks the guys what they think about girls. They are terrified  and Cory says he is choosing Fairy Nut Job, which causes the guys to go crazy.

Topanga gets ready for work and says a piece of her soul is gone. She looks in the mirror and sees her younger self--more specifically, the younger, hippie version of Topanga from season one of Boy Meets World. Topanga wondered when she was going to show up. Younger Topanga says that she stepped out of the way to allow her to have the success she always wanted. Topanga says she doesn't know what to do and needs to help of Younger Topanga.

Cory shows up and puts his arms around Topanga. We are brought back to when  she wanted to see if their energies converged.

We are back at the muffin shop, where the lawyers are trying to close down Mrs. Svorski's shop. Topanga shows up dressed as the younger version of herself. Auggie is in tow, dressed as a hippie. She channels her inner younger self to try and convince the lawyer to keep the shop where it is, but he won't budge.

At school, Riley is still doing the geek thing, which Farkle loves, but Cory and Maya hate. 

 {sidebar id=8}At home, Topanga and Riley see each other for the first time. Topanga says her new look is the one that Cory fell in love with. Riley says this is the person people like. Topanga asks her is SHE likes it.

At the bakery, the lawyer (who I just realized is Mozzie from White Collar) is trying to get Mrs. Svorski to sign the papers. This time, Topanga, Auggie and Cory arrive and offer to help pay for the shop. Topanga says if the lawyer doesn't cooperate, she will go to the competition and destroy them. 

The school is now at a spelling bee. Riley is up when Maya gives Cory a word to give Riley…Harajuku. They try to make her see she is not a Harajuku girl and Riley finally realizes she should be herself. 

The girls agree to not try so hard to fit in and be popular. 

The show ends with everyone at the bakery. Topanga and Cory agree the younger Topanga never went anywhere, Riley and Maya agree they are always popular with each other and Auggie and Mrs. Svorski tell jokes.

Join us next week for the return of MINKUS! Goodnight!

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