Talk shows have been a huge part of TV for many years. We have had crazy antics on Jerry Springer, guest attacks on Geraldo and constant Who's The Daddy stories on Maury.

TVGrapevine has obtained a list of the twenty most hilarious take show headlines. Here is a look at some of the highlights, thanks to Two Little Fleas.

1. My Fear Of Mustard And Pickles Is Ruining My Life!--Maury

2. Who's Telling The Truth, My Psychic Or My Twin Sister?--Jeremy Kyle

3.Which One Of My Children Stole My Bingo Winnings?--Jeremy Kyle

4. I'm Terrified Of Chickens!--Maury

5. You'd Rather Be A Rapper Than A Boyfriend--Jeremy Kyle

6. If You've Stolen My Jewelry, I'll Make Your Dad Disown You--Jeremy Kyle

7. How Can I Bring Up You Son On 1.50 A Week?--Jeremy Kyle

8. How Can My Son Be The Father If You Were Pregnant When You Met Him--Jeremy Kyle

9. What Happened At The Back Of The Bus With My Boyfriend--Jeremy Kyle

10. Married To Your Dad, But Want You Back--Jerry Springer

 {sidebar id=8}11. Irresistible To Women….Fiance Accept It's Not My Fault--Jeremy Kyle

12. I Escaped From Prison To Be With You, But Am I The Father Of Your Baby?--Jeremy Kyle

13. I Saw My Husband On Fire, Can Our Marriage Survive?-Jeremy Kyle

14. Is My Mum Trying To Murder Me?--Jeremy Kyle

15. On Our Wedding Day I Found Out You Were Cheating On Me--Jeremy Kyle

16. 9 Shows, 11 Men Later, Will I Finally Find Out The Father Today?--Maury

17.You're Not My Girlfriend, You're My Stalker--Jerry Springer

18. I'm Psychic, He's Cheating-Jerry Springer

19. How Could My Dad Dump Me On The Side Of The Road?--Jeremy Kyle

20. You Slept With 55 Girls--Jerry Springer

Do you have a favorite talk show moment? Let us know in the comments! Below is the link to all these segments. 


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