Hello and welcome to Girl Meets World on Disney Channel. We open tonight's episode with Riley and Lucas playing Romeo and Juliet. He is about to kiss her when Farkle the spear carrier jumps in to steal the kissing scene. 

Everyone encourages this happen, especially Maya. Farkle  calls her up to the stage for a kiss of her own. Everyone cheers for them and the girls wonder how they get into these situations.

After the play, everyone cheers for the actors….except for Farkle….until Riley starts clapping for him. The girls want to tell him he is a bad actor, but Riley doesn't have the heart to tell him the truth. She instead tells him that he was good and he starts dancing around the hallway. Maya says she broke their Farkle. 

In class the next day, Cory talks to them about telling the truth. Maya is wearing a new locket and Riley questions her about where she got it. Maya says France, which leads to a hilarious moment with her speaking Spanish and getting her a street croissant. Riley keeps pushing the issue and doesn't buy the fact that it came from Maya's father. Maya asks her if she plans on telling Farkle the truth. (Cue melodramatic gasp from Farkle.)

At dinner, Topanga makes a gross looking chicken, which Cory avoids eating at all costs. Auggie says mommy feeds him food like an airplane when he doesn't eat, so Topanga tries this trick.

Maya finally admits the locket came from a lost and found basket…which leads to Riley freaking out about her turning to a life of crime. Maya gets upset and leaves.

The next day at school, Maya does a song and dance about how she won't speak to Riley. They continue to argue about the locket and Farkle, who is letting Riley's words of encouragement get to his head. He tells off the chess club and chemistry club and says he is no longer the Farkle the knew bot FARKLE! (said in a dramatic voice.) Maya sings about what can possible go wrong.

Back at home, Cory and Topanga are still arguing over the chicken until she eventually locks him out of the house. 

Cory comes into the house through Riley's window. He says he never understood the universe and she fills him in on what happened with Farkle and Maya.

Maya comes in through the window. Cory tells them that what matters is what is inside. Topanga is at the bedroom door, which Cory closes in her face. He goes out the window again and makes Maya promise not to tell anyone how he lives in his own house. 

Riley asks Maya what is in the locket. Maya opens it and shows her a picture of a family--and insists that she is going to keep the locket. 

 {sidebar id=8}Cory comes back in through the window because Topanga is chasing him with the infamous chicken. The girls ask Cory for advice. Cory tells them the universe is the most confusing place they will ever live, but if they listen carefully, they will find out it is paying attention and cares about them. He says it is the only truth he is still sure of.

Auggie comes in with a plate of pasta he made for Cory. It is cold, but Auggie says he doesn't know how to warm it up. Cory says he appreciates the gesture and Auggie asks him why he didn't say that (and be nice) to Topanga. Cory says he told her the truth. Auggie asks why he got cold spaghetti, which leads to everyone questioning AUGGIE of all people about the truth. Auggie asks if they realize he is only five. Maya gives him a high five.

Maya and Riley find Farkle, who is depressed that he didn't get into the next play. However, he appreciates Riley giving him confidence  and kisses her. Maya teases her about it. 

Lucas walks in and says he saw the whole thing. He says Farkle stole his moment again…but is willing to wait for one of his own.

The girls are at the subway station, where they see the family inside the locket. Maya puts it on the little girl and tells her to never lose it. 

The show ends with Cory and Topanga kissing and making up.

Join us next week for more Girl Meets World. Goodnight.

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