Orange Is The New Black is one of the biggest hits on Netflix. People are on the edge of their seats waiting for season three and still talking about season two's incredible finale. 

TVGrapevine has obtained special clips from Uzo Abuda's  interview with on HuffPost Live, where she discussed the show, her early career and much more!

Marc Lamont Hill: “What’s crazy for me about this journey for you is that you were so close to quitting.”

Abuda: “Yeah, the day… the day. I had quit the day I had got this job. It was the first time in my entire time pursuing this, in my heart and in my mind, that I actually was like ‘We need to hang this up.’”

Hill: “Wow. And what made you get to that place?”

Abuda: “I had been trying that summer for film and television for the first time. That, compounded with knowing that my family is first generation and the dream of my family coming here, and trying to fulfill that fully for my mom.  {sidebar id=8}And feeling like I was wasting time and didn’t want [my mom's] trip here to be in vain. It was just so hard to hear all of these 'no’s, no’s, no’s, no’s,' and 'no' again, that I just thought this is not for me. So then, I went on an audition for this show Blue Bloods and I wound up being twenty minutes late. And I thought you know what? This is God and the universe telling me this is not for you. I was telling myself ‘Ok, I received the message. I hear you. If you can find the way to direct me to what it is that I’m meant to do, I will go. I will go.' And I was at peace about it. I said ‘Ok. Now I know I’m going to live my life on purpose.’ And then I got home and got the phone call.”


View Clip: http://huff.lv/WNg1fE

Aduba's Reaction to her Emmy Nomination:

Hill: “When you got that call, what was your reaction?”

Abuda: “I’ve learned that my default reaction is ‘Are you kidding?’ When I first got ‘Orange [Is The New Black]’, I said ‘Are you kidding?’ I do that every time. When I got the phone call that I was nominated for this part, I just kept saying ‘Are you kidding? Are you kidding? Are you kidding?’ My manager was like, ‘We would not joke about this.’”


View Clip: http://huff.lv/1obGV6n

Full Interview: http://huff.lv/WLVwzX

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