Hello, and welcome to Girl Meets World on Disney. We open with Maya and Riley watching a 9th grader put on makeup. Riley wonders why she would use an eyelash curler. She tries it and gets it stuck in her eye. 

Farkle asks them both to take turns dancing with him at the upcoming dance. They agree one dance each. 

Peyton and Riley discuss the dance. Awkwardness ensues. 

Riley asks Topanga if she can wear makeup. Topanga says no, which leads to a debate. They discuss daytime vs. nighttime makeup and Riley insists on wearing it for the dance Friday. 

Riley wants to go to the dance, but it is the same night as Cyclone Night, which is a family tradition. Topanga says it is Cory's favorite thing, and they will discuss it when he gets home.

Cory is not happy about Riley's decision to go to the dance instead of Cyclone Night. He takes it out on her the next day at school, when everyone gets back test results.

Maya gets an F and thinks Cory thinks she is a failure. She walks out of class. Riley joins her. The others want to follow suit, but Cory won't let them. 

Riley tries to convince Maya not to leave school. She says she also failed her dad by not going to Cyclone Night, but Maya says she is done and walks out of school.

Cory is home watching old home movies of Cyclone Nights in the past when Auggie comes over to comfort him. Topanga joins them and they talk about how traditions coming to an end and sharing the memories of going to Cyclone Night. Cory realizes things are changing.

The next day, Riley goes to visit Maya, who decided to do online classes. Riley tries to convince her this is a bad idea and we get a hilarious scene of Maya failing the online school. (it is a very bad Italian voiceover asking her how she did that) Maya admits she is not too proud of who she is sometimes.

Topanga comes in and they talk about what it feels like to not have people show up when they are needed. Riley realizes how her dad feels about Cyclone Night. Cory then comes in to talk to Maya.

 {sidebar id=8}Cory tries to make Maya realizes she is smart. Riley intervenes but is not being very helpful. He tells her to say what she means and that if she knows it, she won't fail. It is a sweet scene and reminds me of how Mr. Feeny was with him and Shawn. 

Topanga makes them sandwiches and Cory says he will give her a C+, but shows her how easy an F can become an A. He says they are all here for her and worth working on. 

Riley says she will go to Cyclone Night, but Cory says she can go to the dance….with him chaperoning. 

Farkle and Maya tango, Lucas and Riley dance and Cory has all the dads waiting to pick up their daughters come out on the floor to dance. It is sweet, especially because Cory dances with both Maya and Riley. 

As an aside, Lucas is an adorable cowboy. 

The show ends with the family discussing new traditions (Auggie wants a singles cruise) and Maya coming to get Riley at 7pm.

Join us next time for more Girl Meets World. Goodnight. 

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