Weird Al recently spoke to Hollywood Today Live about his new album and his life as one og the most iconic parody artists of all time. TVGrapevine has exclusive footage of the interview, straight from the show itself. 

On releasing eight videos in eight days: Host AJ Gibson says “tell me Beyonce was your inspiration.”  Al responds:  “My last album I released 12 videos in the same day- so if anything she is inspired by Weird Al.”

On getting permission from artists to parody their hit songs:  I respect the artist.  I want to make sure they are ok with the parody.  Nowadays it’s a badge of honor...One of favorite quotes is from Kurt Cobain who said he didn’t realize he had made [it in the music business] until he saw the Weird Al parody.”

On the inside scoop on a [Mandatory Fun] Tour:  “Not this year but definitely in 2015, it will be bigger and better, as always it will be a multi-media event with costume changes, and yes, I still wear the fat suit.“

Hollywood Today Live was on scene at Amoeba Records CD signing- Fans said “Ladies love Weird Al.”  “Amazing how much he influences the world around him.” “I’m excited to see the guy that inspired me to be a nerd.” “It’s not mandatory, it’s willingly and voluntarily given- I’m having fun.”   “Weird Al you’re my homeboy.”

{sidebar id=8}On Holly-Weird fans: “This week has been amazing. I have never had such an outpouring of love from fans.”

On today’s social media landscape:  “I had to get into it kicking and screaming, now it’s nice to be able to be in close contact with the fans - and the comedy community - hang out and share ideas.”   @alyanovic  

What’s next after your last video album: “I’m not retiring. 32 years ago I was working in a mailroom for minimum wage, then they offered me a record contract and have been renewing ever since; now I’m done and I can make singles.  I like to be keep topical, timely and be of the moment, so as soon as I come up with an idea I can record it and get it out there.”

On being a guest on Hollywood Today Live:   “I’ve never done this show live, it had a great energy, love that fact that we are right off of Hollywood Blvd and it’s great to do a show and see everyone hanging out and having a good time- love the atmosphere.”

"Weird Al" Yankovic Gets Holly-weird at Amoeba Records!


Short Link: http://bit.ly/1p6xhpA

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"Lame Claim to Fame" is the Sunday delivery of what has been "Weird Al" Week 2014. So far, Yankovic has also dropped the Lorde-parodying "Foil," the Pixies-informed "First World Problems," the Iggy Azalea-spoofing "Handy," the Pharrell satire "Tacky," the satirical fight song "Sports Song," and "Word Crimes," an attack on Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines." Hopefully, his takeoff of Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive," dubbed "Inactive," is around the corner.

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