July 20, 2014.   SAMIZDAT, the Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC independent label, is proud to announce the release of the debut album “THIS IS MY STORY … THIS IS MY SONG …” by EX LUNA, the rock music pseudonym of Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, JASON BUTLER.  “THIS IS MY STORY … THIS IS MY SONG …” is a hook-laden, loose and raw rock-and-roll celebration of Butler's transformation after a three -year period of homelessness, jail and ultimate recovery after being committed in 2011 to a mental health and drug rehab.   As Butler explains: 

"EX LUNA is the culmination of a lifetime of work -- on my songs, on my sound, and, most importantly, on myself.  I am content.  I'm at peace with myself and with the Universe.  This happiness came after surviving the most difficult and stressful years of my life.  The beautiful thing is that, in the process of losing everything, I actually found the greatest gift of all.  I found myself.  I am so very lucky.  And so very grateful. 

I'm not trying to be anyone else anymore.   I'm not trying to sound like anyone else anymore. My music is from me, but it's not mine.  It's like a child.  A child comes through you; It's part of you -- it has to be.  But the child isn't yours.  The child is itself.  One day, that beautiful person is just standing right there, looking at you. 

 {sidebar id=8}We've all suffered over the last few years.  Times have been tough.  But things are getting better now for all of us.  I can feel it.  And I bet you can feel it, too.  This album reflects my enthusiasm and gratitude for life, for people, for all the things that I overlooked during these difficult years, but, strangely, I actually now appreciate fully for the very first time.

 I recorded this album because I want people to share in my experience through music.  I want you to be a part of it -- to be part of the process.  I want this album to be special for you, too.  Make it your own.   But most of all, I want you to be happy and to share in my gratitude and enthusiasm for life."

EX LUNA's debut album, "ThIs is My Story ... This is My Song ..."  is fun, melodic, sexy, mysterious and a little bit dangerous.  Like the Rolling Stones, who took blues and R&B musicians like Slim Harpo and Chuck Berry, and made a sound entirely unique, EX LUNA had taken three-chord music in the tradition of the Stones, AC/DC, Cheap Trick and Aerosmith into a new era, with songs that not only stay in my head after I take off my headphones, but also hits me in the gut, the heart and, well, my libido, too."   

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