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Hi everyone~!  Are you ready for a party? How over the top the vocalist going to go this week? Who will make the cut?  Let’s find out…

I think Carson said 2 go home tomorrow night but im not too sure, I will listen closely to see if that is happening. Jennifer’s Davon is going up first tonight.  I just the way Jennifer interacts with her people. He does such a great job, great song, just about everyone who has ever lost someone, could relate to him, wow…im proud of him too.  He sang his heart out for himself…great kick off for the show. Jennifer took her shoes off already! I don’t know how anyone can top that but I am sure they will.

Again, Carson says only 8 continue on, so I guess it will be two going home Tuesday night.  It’s time for Adam’s Adam to perform.  I hope, he gets a chance to continue on this time, he seems to have a fan following already as he keeps hanging in there.  He is certainly getting better every week.  He seems to have gone from more of a ‘rocker type’ to a country singer and does much better. Personally, I think he’s better than Red. Crowd likes him too.

Noah Mack is up next.  Young girls everywhere love him.  He did a good job but he tried too much on production of his piece than the song. That is, my opinion.  He did a great job, I love he did a Duran Duran song, ahhh take me back to simpler times Noah…the guy is amazing, way beyond his years.

Shi-Ann is now going to sing a Rhianna song.  She is a butterfly ready to spread happiness.  She looks amazing, put an awesome wig/weave on her and makes her look way older than 15 that’s for sure.  She has a beautiful voice.  She could probably sing any divas song spot on.  She still looks a bit stiff up on stage, maybe nerves, but her voice is impeccable grace. Great job.  Her dad as usual is her number one fan.

We got to hear Gwen Stephanie and Blake sing. That was a nice Christmas surprise. He looks so happy up there singing with her.  Next up is Chloe, she never disappoints. She has been number one on the song charts, so she will have to be going big to top herself this week.  She is the starfire the show needs.  She looks amazing, does a great job.

Next up is Kiesha. She has a beautiful voice.  She is singing a slow song, im going to listen while I do other things, not inspired to stop and watch her performance.  Singing a song ‘All by myself’, well, I don’t get the set up because she is singing don’t want to be by myself but is singing at the top of a staircase. She does a great job. I don’t see this as a country song, but she sang her heart out.

Ashland is up next.  Now she is supposed to be a country singer and she is singing Joan Jet.  I don’t mind, she does a great job.  She is going to be big at some point.  She has the audience going crazy after Kiesha’s slow song.

Next up, Brooke.  She always does a great job.  Only thing I don’t like, is that the show back to slow, she sings Amazing Grace with her super spins, I have to say it was really good.  She looks amazing, has the crowd silent.  She sings like a songbird with a powerhouse voice. So far, has stole the show as far as I am concerned.  She make you want to sing along with her.  She has ‘The Voice’  as Miley said.  Oh man, that is going to be hard to top. Simple, pure and as Carson said, outstanding. She is going to fly to the top of the charts. Holy cow!! If you get to listen to any of the voices, listen to hers.

Two left to go, Red and Addison. Red is up first.  I have to say he did the best that he could but I don’t see it being enough.  He just doesn’t have the gift at this level as some of the others have, don’t get me wrong, he will be an opening act with a country band somewhere soon but not as convinced that he will win it all on this show as Blake is.

Addison is closing out the show.  She is another young thing that is going to take the world by storm.  The contestants all got to pick their own songs, and now she is singing a Britney song.  I am sure this will be a great ending for the show.  She has a gorgeous voice.  Too slow of a song for me, too sad for an ending show but she has a voice, that is unforgettable, and she will be around till the end. This will go up up up in the charts too. I had a hard time ‘story telling’ following her, but it was beautiful.    

I am going to take swing at who you all vote out. I think Kiesha, and Red will be going home Tuesday night. So far I have been way off base and it really doesn’t matter to me, ill probably never get to meet any of these up coming stars though I will cheer them all on from here..they have more guts and glory than I could ever achieve.  Great job to the band, Good job to the top ten…Enjoy your day.



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