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By Tyler B.

After taking a week off for Thanksgiving, South Park is back in a big way this week. This episode focuses on current events, specifically how to behave in the workplace and the ongoing implications and worries regarding the Trump presidency. The show begins back at the Netflix office where comedian duo Terrance and Phillip, who are now feeble old men, are pitching a show where they fart on people on a farm. As innocent as this show may seem, it becomes the driving force behind the plot for the rest of the episode.

Back at the school, Heidi and Cartman are in a fist fight in the hallways, which according to PC Principal is indicative of a culture of violence and abuse developing within the school. He calls an assembly and introduces Strong Woman, the new vice principal. Strong Woman promises to help fix the schools problems, and PC Principal soon begins to fall for her, which manifests in the form of Hootie and the Blowfish playing constantly in PC Principal’s head.

Kyle suddenly tries to become a voice of reason in the school. He tries to break up Cartman and Heidi’s fight, which he is only able to do because they forget their quarrel to team up on him. Later, when the kids are all watching the new Terrance and Phillip Netflix show, Kyle decides that this fart-based humor is mean and cruel and he no longer finds it funny. The other kids respond by calling him a Jewish mother, a theme that continues throughout the rest of the episode.

After realizing his feelings for the new Vice Principal, PC Principal calls in HR to reinforce proper workplace conduct. The HR officer, who’s name is Heather Conduct, looks and acts exactly like guidance counselor Mr. Mackie. The two begin a role-playing exercise with the intent to give examples of good and bad workplace behavior, but end up hitting it off during the exercise and begin what is essentially an impromptu date in front of the other administrators. They’re interrupted by a military alert, and while searching classrooms to make sure no one was left behind, they both reach for a doorknob at the same time and realize their feelings for each other.

Kyle tries going to the new vice principal to talk about how ‘Terrance and Phillip’ is damaging to the kids in school, but she sees it as an excuse to deflect blame. Kyle then begins a group called Millennials Against Canada and takes his story to the news, where he is matched up with Canada’s Minister of Streaming, and before long the two are at each other throats. Seeing that he is getting nowhere by talking, he decides to take action. Kyle and the rest of the Millennials Against Canada storm the set and hold the show hostage in an attempt to cancel it. His friends call him and try to talk him out of it, noting that with the current administration there is no telling what the implications of this could be. The President puts an embargo on the show, which prompts Canadian officials to confront Garrison themselves, as apparently Terrance and Phillip account for most of Canada’s GDP. Things escalate quickly and in the final scene of the episode, Kyle looks at the TV to see the consequences of his actions as nukes fall on Toronto to the tune of Hootie and the Blowfish.


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