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The Big Bang Theory

Everything happens at the comic book shop when Leonard realized that the guys have mined Bitcoin from the ground up. Now, it is worth a ton of money and is actually tangible; flash back to when Raj, Sheldon, Leonard, and Howard were originally decided to get involved with Bitcoin. Leonard and Penny had just started dating and Howard’s mom was still alive. Stuart did not want to get involved and Sheldon basically backed out at the last minute so now we have to find out how he factors in to all of this. Howard has to find the laptop they were using in 2010 to trace where the bitcoin mine is but they do not know where it would be. Flashback to 2010 when the guys are at Howard’s, attempting to download the bitcoin but all Raj can think of is Kesha’s hit, “Tik Tok.”

Suddenly, it hits the guys that Howard’s computer crashed from all the porn he was downloading so they went to use Leonard’s so flash to present time where the three guys are searching for the laptop at Penny and Leonard’s. Sheldon knows where the laptop is but does he want to offer his assistance? We go back to 2010 when Penny is still a waitress at The Cheesecake factory with Bernadette and she could not stand Amy. It turns out that Leonard lent her his laptop because he was so hooked on her. Unfortunately, she lent it to her ex and now we really have no idea where the laptop is. It is really awesome to watch the actors play their characters the way that they used to be. Raj could not even talk to a girl whereas Sheldon was way more sarcastic, if that is even possible.

Penny is able to contact ex, Zack and he still has the laptop but what she discovers is that the guys have names for each one of Penny and Leonard’s break ups. They end up at Zack’s apartment and he says how much Penny missed Leonard and that she even made a video about how much she missed him. In the video, she says that if she had stayed with Leonard, she probably would have ended up marrying him and then she ends up passing out because Penny was drunk, clearly. This shows Leonard that she really does love him and that is why she married him and it was not out of pity, like everyone joked.

When they open the bitcoin folder, it is empty and they learn that Sheldon downloaded it onto a flash drive just to watch the guys sweat. The flash drive was on Leonard’s keychain that was in his back pocket...but Leonard lost that keychain a long time ago so sucks for all of them. But, four years ago, Stuart found the flash drive when sweeping the shop and erased it so he could sell it for $10. So, there you have it.

Next week, Sheldon thinks that he and Amy should elope!


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