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Hi everyone~!  Survivor fans young and old had a special 2 hour, 2 show special this week.  How good was that? I enjoyed both shows, the second more so than the first but the blindsides just keep coming and I am loving every minute of it!

Sometimes I wish we could see more than they clip in/out…these two hours were crammed packed. A quick recap; Chrissy and Ashley wins the immunity challenges. Lauren wins one of the reward challenges and forges a new 4 person alliance with Ben, Ashley and Devon whom she take with her for burgers and notes from home.  2nd reward was a spa day and was won by them drawing teams and the winners of that challenge got a spa day and chicken wraps, Joe, Chrissy, Devon and Ben ( I might have a name wrong there!)..

First tribal, JP gets blindsided, so does Chrissy and Ryan, as the other four; Ashley, Ben, Lauren, and Devon hatched a plan to get Joe and Dr. Mike on their side, vote JP out, and making Ben look good to them when he is really going to dupe them and it is so fun to watch!!  I don’t care for Chrissy’s know it all attitude so her face is priceless when her brain is wrapped around how quick she went from the top to the bottom!

Then, next tribal, the four hatched a plan, to get Joe out, and it was forming from the first hours show, and it worked. That was priceless too as Joe did the same thing to all his tribe mates at the beginning of the entire season, I loved it, they got him back.  Kinda sorry to see him go before Chrissy but the scheming and cut throat is only going to get better.  Smacked that blindside back in Chrissy's face again, it was a great face moment, if you get a chance to go back and watch it, do so, it was fun to watch.  I think the salt air is getting to them.

They all need a vitamin shot or two, they are all looking too skinny to me. Endurance is not this groups forte for sure so any endurance challenges should be short.

I can’t wait to see what aftermath happens next week, you know Chrissy won’t keep her mouth shut and is going to be really mad she wasn’t included in anything. And Ashley seems to be getting overly paranoid, voting out Ben next, or even thinking of that this soon, could damage her on the jury side of this equation. The Knights table has been disrupted and total chaos consumes them all.

I think they see Dr. Mike as disposal collateral, but the foursome could be in trouble if ryan, chrissy and dr mike pull just one over (Ashley) to try to oust Ben…Ben hopefully will still get that keen gut intuition he needs to play his idol next week or win immunity.  Enjoy your day.  



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