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Written by Cozy2
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Hi everyone~! It’s time to find out who has to sing for their life. Did you vote?  I picked mine, did yours survive? I can’t wait to see what the show has in store for us.  Let’s roll out the top ten!

The audience is electric. The contestants all look like upcoming stars. Jennifer Hudson always looks like a star. Saved, Chloe, Addison, and then we get to be entertained by Miley and her team.  She is about as crazy a woman/girl could be at her age, fun to watch…I have to say her voice is getting better all the time from her days of Hannah Montana.

Time for more results…Brooke, Davon.  Now we get to enjoy Adam with his team, Addison and Adam. Looks like they had fun, Adam seems a bit nervous, probably rightly so not knowing if he has to sing again but they did a great job. And now time for more results.  Red and dreamboat Noah Mack.

Blake and Jennifer now entertains us.  Fun to see her singing a fun country song.  Five are left, America saves Ashland (wow I thought she would be singing!), and Kiesha (the other I thought would be singing!), and Shi-Ann is saved.  This means Janice and Adam sing for their lives.  Adam does a great job when he is under pressure.  He did the best I’ve seen him so far.  Seems like such a down to earth guy.  Now Janice miss power voice sings. She does a great job but to me, seems to be shouting for her life not singing, I think her pipes are spent this week, if she makes it thru I hope she takes a rest.

The time is here,  Miley is in tears and in shock to have Janice singing, I am to actually.   I still think Adam performed better tonight.  America’s instant save is ….Adam!! omg…again!!  I have to agree, he sang his heart out, was true to himself and is proving himself to those sweet young things that are also left in the competition…good bye to Janice though I am doubting it is the last we hear of her, and wouldn’t surprise me if they invited her to Las Vegas to sing with the others at the Hard Rock Hotel.  

Did your favorite make the top ten this week?  The pressure is on and the songs just get better and better each week.  I have watched a lot of these shows, the X-Factor, American Idol, etc., and I like the close knit group setting the coaches give to the contestants their undivided attention.  Enjoy your day.  



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