The Real Housewives of Orange County: Reunion Part 2The Real Housewives of Orange County
Reunion Part 2
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By Mandi Nowitz

Claws are out for part 2 of the RHOC reunion and I am so excited to get this show going!!! I know; it is a sickness but I am so addicted to the drama. We left part 1 with everyone on a break, eating in separate dressing rooms and just learning that Shannon and David had broken up. What will we learn now? Viewers are saying that they missed the fun side of Shannon and host Andy Cohen has to ask where fun Shannon went; she says that she is right there so we go back to all of the fights she had all season, even with her closest friend, Tamra. Immediately, Shannon and Lydia go at it because Shannon maintains Lydia wanted to maintain relevant; true story. Tamra acknowledges that part of her friends overreacting came from trying to deal with the demise of her marriage to David; understandable. Peggy claims that Shannon owes her an apology for calling her “that girl” but then Meghan says Peggy owes her an apology for clipping her lips closed three times. Andy agrees and we move on to Meghan being a new mom to be Aspen, whom was conceived via IVF with husband Jimmy’s sperm.

Now, the news breaks that Meghan is one month pregnant with a baby boy as we ended the season seeing Meghan and Jimmy saying they wanted to have one more baby. Of course, Andy had to ask if they were trying and that was when it was officially revealed even though Meghan broke the news on Instagram earlier that day. Onto Meghan and Kelly, who were once super close and a texting battle about cheating rumors on both sides. Kelly has one problem; when she gets into a fight, she goes to the extreme and says things that are so hurtful and rude.

Peggy is the new cast mate and we reflect on her season and the big question is “did she have cancer?” It has been a huge issue all season because of what the women went through with the lies that Brooks and Vicki put the fans through. Peggy explains that she had just lost her dad and had a double mastectomy so she was not in a good place at all when she was filming. To be honest, I think that she is just not a nice person at all. Meghan chimes in and says that this information would have been helpful back when the season was actually going on as opposed to now after all of the hurt and damage had been done. Even Shannon says that she could throw David under the bus for things that he may have said during the season because she and her soon-to-be ex-husband are not in a good place but when it comes to Peggy and husband, Diko, she will side with David because that couple is awful and dramatic. So, did Peggy have cancer? Still a little unclear.

Off to Iceland for the annual season trip. This is where Vicki thought she was dying but we learn that she took a Xanax, maybe an upper, and a NyQuil and thus ended up in the hospital. The entire trip the girls were not sober and there was a lot of fighting because there are so many personalities. Lydia was left out of a dinner and that caused a huge stir. Following that, Vicki apologized to Tamra, Peggy got all dramatic, recorded the women yelling (like she’s 5), Meghan’s baby crying and then Peggy storming off to her private jet. Meghan was sleep training her baby Aspen while Peggy thought the women were mocking her and now Vicki is defending her (a little too late since the trip and the season is over).

Vicki and Tamra were once such good friends but after the Brooks debacle and now, Vicki is telling people that Tamra’s husband is gay so this is a hot mess. I would not let Vicki back in my life. Lydia was determined to bring the two back together but what she had to understand was that rumors were being spread about Tamra’s husband. So, why did Shannon constantly interject herself into the fights between Tamra and Vicki? Because Tamra was calling Shannon every week about Vicki leaking a story about her and Shannon wanted to remind Tamra what she had been through. Shannon is not jealous of Tamra being friends with Vicki; in fact, they all had fun in Iceland but Vicki has continually spread rumors and it’s just too much. Vicki keeps bringing up Eddie being gay so Tamra says nothing looks good on Vicki to which Vicki says she is off the show!

Lydia goes to talk to Vicki while the women sit on the couch on their phones and you hear Tamra just asking Vicki to apologize. Vicki says she totally surrenders and apologizes but I do not believe it. Andy asks for a hug between Vicki and Tamra and that is what he gets and then Vicki asks Shannon for forgiveness because she wants to support her through her divorce. A three-way hug ensues and they all say that they want to go get drunk again like they did in Tahiti a few seasons ago. Tamra asks if they can change the way the couches are and now the girls are bickering like they used to. Shannon was happy to be back in the circle and Andy points out that she was the first new housewife that Vicki ever like right out of the gate and now Vicki moves to the Tamra couch, holding her and Shannon’s hands. Andy is giving such a hardcore counseling session to the women about moving on and offers Shannon a job at COTO Insurance. They ended with an Icelandic cheer and season 12 is over!


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