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Hi everyone~! Hope your Thanksgiving was thankful in every way, including your favorite voice singing again Monday night! It’s all about the fans tonight. The coaches are spot on suited up and gorgeous, yes male and female, the audience seems revved up so here we go.

Miley is up with her girl Janice.  They are doing Janice’s fans favorite. She is the show opener, I’m sure it will be a showstopper.  She looks beautiful, is singing in a lower key but still sings like a songbird with perfect pitch when she goes on her own way with her own version..she get’s the whole room rockin’ and rollin’…good for Janice.

Next up is Red.  His fans chose a Garth Brooks ballot for him.  He has the perfect voice for this song; The Dance.  I wouldn’t doubt that Garth gives him a tweet of support as well.  He did a great job.  Probably best I have heard him sing, he looks super happy.  Blake looks like he is in love, hehehe…he doesn’t have the most powerful voice, but the fans love him no doubt.

Lets hope the show steps the speed up a bit…Team Jennifer is next up with Shi-Ann Jones.   She is so young and has such a beautiful voice, and is tackling a Beyonce song.  She is not intimidated.  Jennifer is just the best coach ever.  I would love to see her and Kelly Clarkston on the same show.  This girl can sing.  They really did a great job with her back drop, the piano on stage with her, she looks amazing, and wow, that voice is just going to reach the top of the charts.  What a great job she did.  I wouldn’t want to follow that one for sure.  Absolutely fantastic, and sang her heart out. Her dad is extremely proud of her as he should be. Great job, hats off to Shi-ann and Jennifer.

Team Adam is up next, with his ‘instant save’ from last week.  Did you vote for him?  I did.   He did way better of the two (Jon) last week.. It will be hard for him to get America back on his side but let’s see what he does.  I think its hard for the older, old rock type music to come back just like old country is trying to make a new ‘moment’ in time…that is just my own observation, perspective wise, Adam did better than Red so far, he is really trying to get the crowd amped up, the band is almost over powering him, but a very good performance for Adam.  He may be singing again tomorrow night.

Next up, is Brooke, with team Miley.  She loves what the fans picked for her, and Miley is heartfully embracing Brooke’s Indian heritage in stage presence and her voice.  She has a gorgeous voice.  The girls singing harmonies with her are really good too.  The stage has huge drums on stage adding to the intensity.  She is going to make this song amazingly popular.  Wow.  She will get some of my votes!

Next up, is one of my favorite voices; Davon.  He has really grown a lot and can’t wait to hear the Whitney song he is going to sing. A bit of jitters but the boy can sing.  Wow. He has a powerful voice.  Whitney has to be smiling down on him.  Jennifer still tops the ‘coaching’ aspect of the show for me, she is just inspiring to these kids.

Ashland is up next, she celebrated Miley’s birthday with her behind the scenes, and goes right in to her country twang, This is just the best fit for her, Miley and the country overture right down to the fringe on Ashlands jacket, they did a good job. She is not my favorite, I find that lacked a bit of something, not sure what.  She looks great, sings good, just something is a tick off for me. I guess I will find out tonight. So far, I’m not right on many of the voices so It’s just my own voices/tunes in my head I hear!

The beat goes on, Addison from team Adam.  She is a young sole with a huge ‘old’ presence.  She know her voice, knows where she wants to go in life no doubt.  Wow, she is like angel.  A captivating angel, so gentle and pure sweetness flows from this girl.  Amazing voice for a 16 year old.  Great job, Jennifer says she is gifted, and even though she isn’t on her team, she tells the crowd to vote for her, I do too.

This is getting hard to choose.  The last three voices are going to be awesome. Kiesha is next, from team Blake.  If you are a country fan, Kiesha is going to be a new and upcoming country singer, look for her soon on the Grand Ole Opry stage.  She looks beautiful.  The fans chose her song, and it is putting me to sleep.  She still does a great job,  did she do enough? Not sure.

It’s Noah’s turn to wow the crowd.  I don’t know the song, but he makes you want to go buy it, download it for sure.  He is humbled but turns red a lot like a young kid when he sees how the female fans react to him on line.  He is a cutie pie with a goal to rule the music world.  He is an amazing performer and has that musical vision most of us long for.  I don’t think this was his best performance, but I don’t think it will matter, the crowd love him.  Jennifer says he is a break out star, and I have to agree.

Ok, I am ready for the show to come to the end, and that means Chloe gets her turn.  She did such a great job last week  I can only imagine what she is going to do this week.  Her imagination is her only limitation.  She actually made me stop typing and watch her whole performance.  I like this girl too.  She does a wonderful job closing out the show. This alternative type rocker girl is going to be a show-stopper every week.  

Well there you go folks, get your votes in. The top ten insta-gram downloads get  X5 bonus votes.  Who do you think is going to be in the top?  Who do you think is the bottom two and has to perform for our listening and voting pleasure Tuesday night?  I say Ashland, and Kiesha sing tonight.  Enjoy your day.  



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