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Hi everyone ~!  Did your favorite voice make it thru for the week? Did the right people get picked overall? What a great show this season has turned out to be.

First off, I wanted to let you know, I saw a ‘commercial’ last night, and realized it is Toyota that has partnered with The Voice.  The show had some great highlights, my favorite moments were when Jennifer and her team, Blake and his three and Maroon5. I have a new gain respect for Adam as a coach. The man can sing.  I didn’t expect such a soft high voice out of him.  Worst was Mileys outfit, omg she looked like the gal in willy wonka being swallowed by a blueberry but in pink. Not my favorite look on her.

Were your least favorites at the end of line and had to perform? I did think that Adam would be singing for his life, but didn’t expect Jon. After watching both performances, I voted for Adam. He did the best of the two. Jon was off pitch and beep bopped around like his Michael Jackson wanna be moves would persuade us to vote for him. No doubt America opened their eyes.  I was a bit shocked that both of Adam's picks were in the bottom two.  Blake will never let him live that one down!

So there you have it, Jon is let go. Eleven more to go, who will have to face us next week?  That has to be mind blowing knowing you have to perform under such pressure knowing you were the least popular.  I hope the coaches enforce how great they have done up to that point. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone, see you next week.  Enjoy your day.  


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